Getting Started

Here are the first steps to begin your networking journey with you brand new Mobilo Card.

1. Download the Mobilo Card app from the Apple Store or Google play store. Alternatively, you can use our web portal at:

2. Log in with the user name and password provided during the card configuration. (If you don't know your password, please use the 'password reset' option)

3. Once you access your account, you will see the 'Mobilo Feed'. Here you can review your tap statistics, as well as some other relevant data.

Mobilo Feed - Tap statistics

4. Complete your Profile Information:

Select the icon on the top left-hand side to access the menu:

Mobilo Feed - Tap statistics Header

Tap on 'Edit Profile' and add all the information you would like to share with others. Click here to learn more about 'Business Card Profile'.

*Profile Picture :

-The photo will be the image sent along with your contact information when using the Business Card and Social Profile card modes.

-For best results we recommend uploading a photo with the following specifications: High resolution 300x300 pixels PNG  (1:1 ratio/square shape)

5. Mobilo Card Modes:

Your Mobilo card is enabled with 4 different modes of usage. Every mode has an individual action assigned to it. You can only choose one mode per card tap.

The articles below will assist you with changing card modes and what each card mode can be used for:

- How to Switch Card Modes.

- Business Card Mode.

- Personal Landing Page Mode.

- Lead Generation Mode.

- Link URL Mode.

Using Your Card:

Get to know your Mobilo card and how to use it successfully! This article shows you best practices and FAQ’s:

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