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Mobilo is the smartest business card on the block. Turn meetings into leads and share your contact details without contact.

Our cutting-edge technology and integrations reshape how the business world connects.



We did not like paper business cards.

The business card is old fashioned and deficient.

After coming back from a trade show in 2019 with over 90 paper business cards and realizing the disconnect, we decided to fix this.

Mobilo connects with all of your digital tools and puts the magic back into the business card.

We love Mobilo.


The Goal

We aim to eliminate paper business cards and the associated waste and pollution they cause.

Our smart digital business cards empower better business connections across the globe and give you an opportunity to do your part to save the planet.




Founder, CEO and Head of Product - Created and coded the first version of the Mobilo app, server and back-end. Finding out what makes our customers tick, is Pieter's greatest obsession. With a background in 3D Printing and Retail, smart business cards are right up his alley.



Head of Operations & Co-Founder - After spending time consulting internally with various large energy companies all around Europe, Nico is heading up production and shipping of all Mobilo products globally. His extensive knowledge of production and operations are of great value to the team.



Head of Sales & Co-Founder - If you had an opportunity to meet Joey, you now know everything about Mobilo and what we have to offer. His career has been shaped by various high-volume sales positions and at Mobilo he leads the commercial charge.

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