Event Networking, Evolved

With Mobilo’s smart networking tools, event guests and exhibitors will quickly and easily share their contact details and sales materials in a safe, eco-friendly, and COVID-proof manner.

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Schmoozing, Simplified

Meet more people. Make more connections. Follow up with leads. Close more sales. Mobilo was designed to enhance events and streamlines day-to-day networking for both guests and exhibitors.

Schmoozing, Simplified

Connect with Everyone, Effortlessly

Connect with Everyone, Effortlessly

  • 1. Connect with other guests

    Connect with Other Guests

    Just tap your card, share your info, and connect with anyone.

  • 2. Connect with guests

    Connect with Leads

    Automatically funnel lead info into your follow-up workflows.

  • 2. Connect with exhibitors

    Connect with Exhibitors

    Swap contact info and sales assets without collecting paper.

Share More, Faster and Easier

Share More, Faster and Easier

  • 1. Share all of your Links and Colleteral

    Share All of Your Links and Profiles

    Create a branded page with your links and social profiles.

  • 2. Share Sales Assets and Collateral

    Share Sales Assets and Collateral

    Give attendees decks, presentations, and demos to download.

  • 3. Share Data with Marketing

    Share Data with Marketing

    Send lead data directly to your CRM and email automation.

Your event will be the talk of the town

Your event will be the talk of the town

  • 1. Enrich the registration andonboarding experience

    Enrich the registration and
    onboarding experience

    Provide your visitors with a preprogrammed card to share full contact profile details.

  • 2. Gamify the experience

    Gamify the experience

    Show a leaderboard with the top networkers of the event and spark healthy competition.

  • 3. Get better with data

    Get better with data

    Learn about who is connecting and provide the best event experience, every single time.

Bring Mobilo to Your Next Event

Leave your paper business cards and brochures at home. Bring Mobilo’s smart networking tools to your next event, and connect with more people in a faster, easier, and more efficient manner.

Bring Mobilo to your next event - Business cards

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