Operate Safe and Securely with Mobilo

Mobilo is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and GDPR compliant.

We make trust and privacy our highest priorities. Networking is a global phenomenon and Mobilo respects your data no matter where you work.

Your data is encrypted everywhere, we undergo regular security testing, and we perform audits to ensure both SOC and GDPR compliance.

This is our commitment to security.

AICPA SOC for service organizations


The website is hosted separately from the apps and server. Whenever this is down, no current users should be impacted.


iOS & Android Apps

Our native iOS and Android apps are reviewed, approved, and hosted by Apple and Google.


Web App

The desktop app is hosted by GCP and works great on all devices, including your laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile phone.


Automation API

Whenever a lead comes in for your account, group, or organization, Zapier can trigger an automated action.


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