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Lead generation mode

Lead generation mode

When you use your Mobilo card in the Lead Generation mode, your card tap will share a form for your leads to fill out. This will get you their information and once the form is completed, your lead will also receive your business card via SMS.

Editing your lead generation preferences:

You can edit your lead form by clicking on 'Profile Settings' on the left-hand side panel and then selecting the 'Lead Gen Form'. You can now start gathering leads via your Personal Landing page. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature whenever you want. Additionally, you can customize your Lead Generation form by adding custom fields such as text fields and checkboxes

Lead Generation Mode Analytics:

All the leads collected from your forms can be accessed from the ‘Leads’ page. By clicking on a lead you'll be able to access more relevant information.

When to use the lead generation mode:

You can use this mode when you’re expected to be in a high-volume interaction like a networking event, trade show, or an open house.

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