Link to URL mode

Having your Mobilo Card in Link to a URL mode, allows you to automatically direct a device to a website of your choice with a simple tap or scan of your card.

Video Walkthrough:

Want to see how easy it is to switch between the different card modes? Check out this video.

Visit our web portal at: or download the Mobilo Card App from the Apple Store or Google play store and go to the cards Menu:

On the mobile app click on the second icon (cards) at the bottom panel.

For the web version click on the cards button on the left-hand side panel:

Once you’re there, click on the toggle button, as shown below:

For the web version click on the 'Card Mode' button, 4 options will appear on the screen for you to choose from, select 'Link to URL', and this window will pop up:

Add your desired link, and once the card is tapped the website you entered will be displayed.

When to use the Link to URL mode:

This mode can be used to easily and quickly direct people to a promo page, a brochure/pamphlet, a landing page, or any website. Our clients find this mode useful in guiding the people they meet to a website of their choice without having to sift through their contact card hoping they click on the proper link.

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