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Getting Started

Getting Started

Thanks for choosing Mobilo, the last business card you will ever need. We have designed this library for you to learn the abc of Mobilo, become a pro using our system, and be a confident tapper.


All of our products are available at If you have a moment, take a look at our website to learn a little bit more of what we do and how Mobilo can help you to expand your connections by having your information in one place.

What to order

We offer 4 different types of cards:

  • Mobilo Branded card: A plastic card with a generic Mobilo design. Ideal for you to take a leap of faith and jump into the digital world (includes all the main functions).
  • Mobilo Custom card: A plastic card, made of PVC plastic up to 8 times recyclable, and fully customizable front and back! Show your personality and get creative with your logos, artwork, colors, a dynamic QR code and more.
  • Mobilo Wood card: Sustainability is in! An eco-friendly available in two variations, Birch – a light shade and Sapele - a darker wood shade which are 2 types of wood known for their resistance to denting and wear. Ps.: for every wood card sold we plant a tree!
  • Mobilo Metal card: Step up your game with this stainless-steel card and make a great first impression. Available in Black, Silver, or Gold.

We also offer accessories, so you can share you contact details at any time, even if you don’t have your card handy. The Smart Button can be attached at the back of your phone, and the Key Fob can be added to a keychain so you take your business with you everywhere you go.


All of the team packages must include a user license. This is to guarantee that the users will be added to your organization and that you will be able to manage their profiles. More information on that in an upcoming section.

The user licenses are not tied to the cards, but to the number of users that will get an account. Here’s an example.

If you purchased 20 cards for 20 different users, then you will need to get 20 user licenses as well. But if you purchased 20 cards for only 10 users (meaning thateach user will get 2 cards) you only need to get 10 user licenses.

The users licenses have a cost that is charged yearly and it’s a recurring charge for as long as you have the organization. If an existing user leaves, and youget a new hire, you won’t need to purchase a new license since it will remain on your organization for you to assign.


Want to take your game to the next level? We offer add-ons to give the final touch to your networking experience.


CRM integration: Connect the leads collected to your preferred CRM platform through Zapier. Just a couple of click and zap! Your leads will be automatically exported.  


DataEnrichment: Complement the information you receive from your leads by having even more data we obtain from scrapping more than 250online resources such as LinkedIn to get you relevant public information on your prospect in one place.


**Each license is renewed on a yearly basis, so it means this is a recurring charge.

Check out

Ready to order? Let’s go to and place the order. Add your preferred card(s) to the kart, accessories and licenses if needed, and let’s process the payment. (In the next section you will see why the payment is requires first before designing your card).

If you’re an existing user (meaning you placed an order before) all you need to do is to log in using the credentials you already have. If you don’t remember the password, you can click on “reset my password” to get access.

If you’re placing an order for the first time, let’s register! The platform will ask you for your name, last name, email address, and a password, and you’ll be good to go

Mobilo Business Cards - Check Out

Once you’re in, you’ll be required to fill out the billing and shipping information. If you’re billing and shipping address is the same, you only need to fill the billing part. If they are different, then you have the option to add an alternative shipping address. (PS.: Keep scrolling down, there are more fields to fill out!)

Mobilo Business Cards - Check Out 2

Below all this information you will see a breakdown of your order with the respective pricing, just to make sure everything is correct. You know, transparency is key.

Mobilo Business Cards - Check Out 3

If everything is correct, then you can go ahead in input your payment details.

Please keep in mind that Mobilo doesn’t store your credit card information, so this is a secure process.

Mobilo Business Cards - Check Out 4

And that’s it! You will receive the confirmation of your payment and you’ll be one step closer to get your card in your hands.

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