Make a real difference this Earth Week…

Concerned about paper business card waste? So are we.

This Earth Week, we’re planting a tree for every Mobilo Card you purchase. That’s because 88% of traditional business cards are thrown away within the first week. When you switch to Mobilo, your single card is made from recycled materials and will last for years to come. Now that’s a real impact.
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A New Way to Network:
Meet Mobilo
Let’s be clear: business cards are here to stay.

They give you a fast, simple, and easy way to share your information, and they really work — 7 out of 10 businesses say their cards 
make a big impact on networking, and sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards given out.

The problem isn’t business cards.
The problem is old-school paper business cards.

They are expensive and inconvenient, they are terrible for the environment, and most of them end up in the trash — along with your contact information and any chance of reopening that prospect.

Mobilo’s digital business cards solve these problems. They are cost-effective, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly — and they embed a wealth of information and contact details right into your prospect’s phone, increasing the chance they’ll remember you, reach out, and convert.
The Old School:
Networking with Paper Business Cards
paper card
You meet a new prospect
paper card
You take out your basic paper card (the same that everyone has)
hand over hand
You hand over your card, and hope they don’t lose it, damage it, or toss it
You wait (and wait…) for them to see it again, remember you, and contact you from the little info on your card
You meet a new prospect
metallic digital card
You take out your show-stopping metallic digital business card
tap and pay
You tap it on their phone and — voila — you put your details in their device
Mobilo Icon
They now have lots of info to learn more about you, and lots of channels to reach out and connect with you
The New Wave:
Connecting with Mobilo’s
Digital Business Cards
Mobilo card
Out with the Old,
In with the New
It’s time to make the switch. In just a few clicks you can design your Mobilo digital business card, get it delivered in days, and toss your paper business cards forever.
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Set Up - and Stand Out - in Minutes
Follow 4 simple steps to get started, with no coding required
Download Mobilo Business Card App
Get our free app from Apple Store or Google Play, or log in through your browser.
Login to Mobilo Business Card App
Put in your Username and Password (provided to you).
Fill Out Data
Fill Out
Open your dashboard, access every feature, and complete your profile.
Show Mobilo Business Card
Make a Splash
Your Mobilo Card is now ready to share. Show it off and stand out from the crowd.

No Paper Needed:
3 Premium Cards to Pick From


Made from durable, 8 times recyclable plastic. Designed for longevity and produced with precision: the perfect choice for any occasion.

Wood Business Card


This eco-friendly approach to networking is sure to make an impression. And we plant a tree for every card sold.

Available in Birch (light) and Sapele (dark) from carefully sourced  woods.

Metal Business Card


Made from stainless steel and laser-engraved, this card demands attention.

Available in Black, Gold, and Silver.

Nfc Key Fob

NFC Key fob

Attach this NFC key fob to your keys and never worry about leaving your card at home.

NFC - Smart Button

NFC smart button

Stick this NFC smart button on the back of your phone and always be ready to connect.

Real-World Reviews
A Few of Our Greatest Hits
Save trees and money

Save Money and Trees

Calculate your company’s savings and environmental impact once you make the upgrade from paper to digital business cards.

Research has shown that most companies spend on average $194 per employee, per year, on paper business cards.

Make an Eco-Friendly ImpactMake The Switch
Bottom line savings
Bottom Line
$ 8 423
savings per year
Trees saved
Trees Saved
eco-friendly impact per year
You have questions. We have answers. Go deep and learn every little detail before you make the switch to digital business cards.
Can I make real-time changes to my digital business card?
Of course!
With paper business cards, you have to reprint them every time you update your information (or catch a typo). The process is expensive, time consuming, and 100% obsolete.
With Mobilo, you can make any change, anytime, from anywhere. Just log into your account, make the changes, and we’ll instantly apply them — for free, as many times as you want.
Why should I switch from paper business cards to Digital Business Cards?
Where to begin? A Digital Business Card like Mobilo is eco-friendly, it carries a ton of information about you and your business, you can update it in real-time, and you can share it as many times as you want without ever running out. Best of all — with Mobilo your contact info will never sit in a lead’s drawer (or trash can). As soon as you share your card all of your information will be saved to their mobile phone.
How compatible are these cards? Will they work with the older devices?
Mobilo works with nearly every smartphone (including both android and iOS devices). With Mobilo, you can share your details through NFC, a QR code, or a link. Nearly every modern smartphone is NFC-enabled, and most older devices can either scan QR codes or at least open a link. Overall, about 90% of all smartphones ever made are compatible with Mobilo, and nearly 100% of modern smartphones will work with our technology.
These cards look expensive. Are they worth the investment?
“Investment” is the right word. A Mobilo card is an investment, while paper business cards are an ongoing expense (that can really add up over the years). Let’s run the numbers. Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you’re about to print new premium paper business cards. Printing 100 cards costs $17-$20. You use them up in six months, then print another 100 (for another $17-$20). At some point in the year, you need to correct a typo, update some information, or change up the design, so you print them again. Overall, you will spend $51 - $60 per year on paper business cards, or $153-$180 over the course of three years.
With Mobilo, you make a one-time payment. You get unlimited sharing and unlimited real-time changes, and you gain a bunch of new features like a personal information page, a lead generation page, email signatures, and much more. Plenty of Mobilo users save money — and get a lot more — within the 1–3 years, and consider them a worthy investment.
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