5 Reasons why Mobilo is better than Paper Business Cards
July 25, 2022

5 Reasons why Mobilo is better than Paper Business Cards

Savvy businesspeople are always looking to make efficient upgrades to their existing processes—to both cut costs, and function more efficiently in order to increase revenue.

When you or your company switches to Mobilo, you can not just save money, but also improve your network capabilities substantially—and enjoy the increased success that comes your way as a result.

#1 Nail Your First Impression

Nail your first impression

Did you know? 

With these key points in mind, we can see how Mobilo clearly leads towards helping you form strong and excellent first impressions:

  • Mobilo is fast—you can exchange contact information within seconds, allowing you to form a strong impression in the other person’s mind quickly.
  • Mobilo is visual—rather than explaining something, you do something, which means you’re more likely to pique the interest of others.
  • Mobilo is out of the ordinary—while most people are giving away outdated paper business cards, you’ve leveled up to the next upgrade in technology. In other words, you’ll stick out in the best way possible.

#2 Share Contact Information Instantly

Most people think that when they exchange paper business cards with another person, the two have connected with one another.

But have they really?

  • Paper business cards can get lost or thrown out, eliminating the potential for followup.
  • Paper business cards require at least one party to pipe the contact information into their formal, technology-based methods of communication, such as email.
  • It’s easy to forget who gave you a certain business card, especially if you receive many of them at once, such as at a networking event.

Mobilo’s smart business card technology solves these common problems with paper business cards, giving you the ability to truly share contact information instantly.

  • Contact information is saved on the other person’s mobile device, and likely automatically backed up to the cloud depending on their settings.
  • Mobilo supports CRM integration, further reducing friction with the two of you actually connecting.
  • Since you’ve made such a strong first impression, you’re more likely to be remembered. And, you can customize your contact information in any way you’d like to help further establish your “it factor”

#3 Save Up to $194 Per Employee

For an individual, paper business cards aren’t cheap, especially if you’re trying to stand out from the masses by splurging on unique types of paper and coatings.

For a company, these costs are multiplied. Depending on how often your employees give out paper business cards, you could be spending hundreds of dollars every year per employee.

Mobilo allows you to easily reduce costs associated with business cards by paying once for your card, then using it as much as you’d like without additional fees. Corporate clients can take advantage of the Teams plan to access additional features for a low annual fee.

If an employee voluntarily quits? It’s simple—just reassign their Mobilo card to a new employee. No need to order a new batch of paper business cards!

#4 Access the Power of Immediate Followup

Transforming a paper business card exchange into a fruitful business relationship is a slow and laborious process.

To start, you need to manually contact the other individual, or manually enter their information into an automatic followup platform. If you’re busy (e.g., at a networking event), you may have to wait a day or more before you contact the other individual.

Will they remember you by then?

Mobilo removes the need for manual labor and allows you to perform automatic followup by integrating into 2,000+ CRM platforms.

With Mobilo, once you connect with another individual, they’re in your funnel. You can follow up immediately or within a couple of hours, and you can automatically send reminder messages stating you’d like to connect, too.

You save time and effort, while also getting better results due to the consistency and lack of delays on your end.

#5 Give Back to Nature

Paper products, including paper business cards, are not particularly eco-friendly. Most people know that paper comes from trees, but you might not know about the full scope of harmful environmental effects from manufacturing paper products. 

Unfortunately, if you purchase paper business cards, you directly contribute to these environmental stressors.

Mobilo allows you to reduce your environmental footprint substantially—instead of handing out one card per person, you get one card created, and you never have to contribute to paper pollution via paper business cards ever again.

Even better, if you decide to order the Wood version for your Mobilo card, we’ll plant a tree in your name.

Along with feeling good about your personal contribution to the environment, you can leverage your eco-friendly policies in marketing materials, too.


Usually, reducing costs while maintaining business functionality is a difficult task.

Mobilo is one of the very few business assets that allows you to save money while improving business functionality simultaneously. 

For savings and a smarter way of networking, make the upgrade to a Mobilo smart business card today.