Make The Switch and Save Some Trees
November 3, 2020

Make The Switch and Save Some Trees

Beleaf it or not, paper business cards have been around for centuries. They were originally used to carry around important messages to share with others. This made sense before there were smartphones and LinkedIn to keep us all connected. It is now 2020 and our world is evolving in a technologically smart and digital way. This means the way we share our important business information should change too.

We all know each and every one of us has a carbon footprint and in order to sustain our planet earth, we need to change our habits. It is about time to change the way we market ourselves and our business, to become more eco, tree friendly, and paperless. Mobilo Card has found the root cause of your paper business card problems.

Our card is made out of recyclable plastic which makes it a great alternative to paper cards. Paper cards can get wet, dirty, or folded and they usually go to waste. You may also pay too much or get more cards than you need in a pack.
Have you ever ordered unique cards with specific details for a certain event you are attending? Or have you ever wanted to put a website link on your card, and have people be able to go there with just a tap? Networking in this new tech savvy way is smart and more sustainable.

If you are keeping up with the news, or if you are living through it, you know about the west coast wildfires. It is absolutely devastating. These forest fires have consumed millions of trees, houses and animals. With all this destruction, each and every one of us has a responsibility to do our part in taking care of this planet.
We only get one Earth and taking a small step to change your business cards, saving paper and trees, is responsible. You can see how much money and trees you can save each year with our Mobilo Calculator

The main reasons to switch to Mobilo card:

  • Save money & trees
  • Reduce waste
  • Convenience of the card at our fingertips
  • Convenience to change internal card details whenever you want
  • Done carrying a stack of cards around

You are probably updating and changing your business contact information regularly, especially since businesses are growing and evolving more rapidly in today’s society. You may have gotten a promotion with a new job title or your office moved locations. Most people will order new cards if their information changes to make sure they look professional. That is such a waste of paper cards because you will probably throw out the leftover ones with the old information. Not to mention all the other business cards you receive that probably just go in the trash.

Even if you aren’t sold on the idea to go totally paperless, maybe easing into the smart card can be a game changer. You can give out paper cards in the mail or when it makes sense. This way, you can start by carrying only 1 card (your Mobilo Card). Eventually, paper cards and bulky stacks will be a thing of the past. Ultimately, the quality of your card demonstrates the quality of your business.

How does a tree get on the internet? They log on!

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