Mobilo Feature Spotlight: Personal Landing Page
May 31, 2022

Mobilo Feature Spotlight: Personal Landing Page

Every Mobilo smart business card comes with four unique modes of networking to help you get better business results in any situation where you interact with other individuals.

This page explores the Personal Landing Page mode, covering what it is and how you can harness it to network more intelligently in certain situations.

The Personal Landing Page mode is included free with every type of Mobilo card.

How It Works

Before you switch your Mobilo card to the Personal Landing Page mode, you’ll need to input a few details into the backend, which can be accessed via our iOS or Android apps, or the web interface.

  • Your avatar
  • Your name
  • Your title/company
  • Your contact information
  • Links to your social network profiles

Once you save your information and enable the Personal Landing Page mode, your page will look similar to this:

As you can see, your Personal Landing Page is broken down into three distinct sections.

  1. Your personal details. Networking prospects see your avatar, name, title, and company right away.
  2. Your contact information. Instead of forcing networking prospects to manually input your contact info into their phones, all they have to do is tap the “Save Contact Information” button. Once they do that, a new contact entry will appear in their phones, pre-populated with your contact info. The prospect then just taps “Save” on the contact entry.
  3. Your social profiles. Pick and choose which social profiles you want to display. Mobilo supports 20+ popular social networks, including photography and blogging platforms.

The Personal Landing Page is just one of four unique modes of function included with every Mobilo smart business card. Get yours for as low as $7 today to start experiencing the future of business networking.

When to Use the Personal Landing Page Mode

Mobilo was designed with the modern professional in mind. Each mode serves a very specific purpose; in the case of the Personal Landing Page, it functions well as a catchall networking asset and as a way for creatives and influencers to showcase their portfolios and/or general social profiles.

As a catchall networking asset

In certain social situations, very rigid networking processes work best.

As a straightforward example, say you do sales at a car dealership. Individuals coming into the dealership are interested in one thing: cars. And they want only one thing from you: information about cars.

In this situation, your only goal is to establish a line of communication with the potential customer. Once you have established communication, the rest of the sales process is handled directly by you, either on the phone or in-person. 

Sending potential customers anywhere other than talking directly to you will likely harm your chances of closing the sale, so the Personal Landing Page mode might not be ideal in this situation, as you don’t want them to do anything other than contact you. The Digital Business Card or Lead Generation modes would almost always be more appropriate.

But not all networking situations are so straightforward. Say you’re attending a conference. You have no idea who you’ll meet or what your interactions will be like. Some people might want to contact you directly for a potential partnership. Others might want to follow you on social media for your thought leadership insights.

How do you cater to everyone at once? The answer lies in your Personal Landing Page. The top of the page fulfills the need for information exchange. From there, you can link out to your social assets, which allows you to carefully control the additional information that your networking prospects have immediate access to. 

To showcase your creative work and influencer profiles

Say you’re a freelance graphic designer. If you meet someone who needs a freelance graphic designer, the most important thing to do is exchange information with this individual. If they can’t contact you, they can’t hire you.

But as creatives know, most clients also like to be “wowed” by your work before they make a commitment to hire you.

The Personal Landing Page ticks both of these boxes. Networking prospects can match a name to a face and contact you, but they can also peruse all of your creative assets, via your social media profiles, to get an idea of the work you do.

Without your Personal Landing Page, getting both your contact information and your work over to potential clients in networking situations is messy. Without a Mobilo card, you’re first forced to ask them to write down and save your information manually. Then, you need to spell out the links to your social media profiles and ask them to type them in, which is a hassle.

Even if you go through this lengthy process, you can usually only easily share one creative profile with them. What if you have several? The Personal Landing Page makes information exchange much easier, and it ensures prospects can browse all of your work at their convenience, too.

On a similar note, the Personal Landing Page works well for influencers. If you meet someone in-person and you want to give them a way to follow you, there’s no need to manually spell your handle for them. Just tap your card against their phone and they can choose exactly which platforms to follow you on. 

This process is faster and less prone to error, but it’s also more efficient from a marketing standpoint, because most of the time, they’re most likely to follow you on the platforms they actually use—which means better interaction metrics for you as an influencer, and fewer ghost followers who dilute your interaction metrics and therefore your organic reach.

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