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Metal Card not Responding

Metal Card not Responding

This section will give you the best practices on how to properly tap and use your card.

iOS: NFC sweet spot and contact saving instructions

  • For compatible* iPhones, the cards need to be tapped at the top front/back of the phone over the camera, as shown in the photos. Depending on the phone model, NFC reader will be located at the top back. 
  • Screen needs to be lit up before tapping— device can still be locked. 
  • Safari downloads and opens the Vcard right away, however, Chrome and other browsers require the user to manually click download and then open the file to save the contact information. 
mobilo card pay gif

ANDROID: NFC sweet spot and contact saving instructions

  • For compatible* Android devices, the card needs to be taped in the middle back of the phone, as shown in the photo. 
  • Screen needs to be lit and device needs to be unlocked. 
  • With Androids you will either be prompted to download the Vcf (Vcard) file, which is your contact card, or it will download automatically (based on system preferences). After the download, you will need to open up your downloads' folder to open the file. 
mobilo card pay gif 2

Please bear in mind:

  • NFC wiring is embedded in the middle of QR code.
  • Because of the premium material of the card, you need to make sure the QR code taps/makes contact with the NFC reader of the device
  • We recommend holding the tap for at least 3 seconds. 
  • You can use QR code with older phone models or when NFC is off. 

Note: Android users have the ability to disable NFC, in this case, use QR.

*For both Androids and iPhones, please verify if the device is NFC compatible.

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