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Update Profile Settings

Update Profile Settings

With a MOBILO card, you can keep your contact details updated at any time from anywhere.

To edit and update the details shared by your card, download the Mobilo Card mobile app from the Apple Store or Google play store or visit our web portal at:

Log in with the user name and password provided during the card configuration. If it's your first time logging in, or you can't remember your password, use the 'reset password' option. That will send a password reset link to your email address.

Once you access your account, go to the 'Profile Settings'

At the very top, you’ll see your name, and you’ll have the option to add your profile picture and a logo. The measurements accepted are 300*300 pixels minimum so any square picture must work. (We recommend using a .png image).

Below that, you have 2 tabs: Profile and Socials.

By clicking on Profile, you can see several fields to add your contact information, including, but not limited to: Name, email address, mobile and phone numbers, address, and more.

By clicking on Socials, you’ll see the fields to add the links to your social media. There are almost 20 links that can be added!

Once you start filling out the information, you’ll see a prompt at the bottom of the screen to save the changes:

Your card will show the updated details when someone taps the card or scans the QR code.

If you’re having any issues updating your profile please reach out to our Support team:

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