Earth Day Networking Ideas: 5 Simple Ways to Get People Thinking About You

Earth Day Networking Ideas: 5 Simple Ways to Get People Thinking About You

It’s estimated that more than one billion people participate in Earth Day every year—so with Earth Day 2022 right around the corner on Friday, April 22nd, all professionals should be thinking of ways to take advantage of it. 

Here at Mobilo, with sustainable networking initiatives like our Mobilo Wood smart business card offering and our partnership with One Tree Planted, we know a thing or two about doing our part to help the environment. We’ve put together a few ideas for you on how to communicate to your professional network that you’re serious about saving the planet.

Whatever You Do, Avoid Being Lazy

Earth Day is all about the health of the earth. The environment is a serious topic amongst consumers, which extends to your professional network. According to Statista, 45 percent of consumers surveyed stated that they were interested in finding brands that were sustainable or environmentally responsible. It’s not a stretch to imagine these same individuals are interested in finding people to work with who are sustainable or environmentally responsible. 

As such, you need to take it seriously. It’s wise to put serious consideration into how you’re going to communicate with your professional network on Earth Day. If you don’t put your money where your mouth is, you could leave a sour taste in the mouth of anyone you know who is serious about the cause.

#1: Choose a Reliable Charity

Donating to charity is something all professionals and companies can do that everyone understands. Charity Navigator can help you find highly-rated non-profit organizations focused around green initiatives that are well-deserving of your donation.

Once you make your donation, tell the world about it. Even better, invite your professional network to make a donation of their own. Not only are you doing good on your own, but you’re spurring action from the rest of the planet, too. 

Donating to charity is an excellent catchall way to make a splash on Earth Day because of how universal it is. Fortune 500 companies donate to charity—but so do everyday individuals. And every penny counts.

As a cherry on top, so long as you choose a reliable charity with the help of a resource like Charity Navigator, your donations count as tax write offs. 

#2: Switch to Something Green

Maybe a one-time donation isn’t in the cards this year for one reason or another. That’s perfectly okay—there are plenty of other ways you can harness the marketing power of Earth Day. 

Another idea is switching to something green, then talking about the switch you made via social media, email newsletters, and any other way you can get the word out. 

Although it’s indirect, you’re making it clear you care about the earth, which will make people more likely to want to work with you, even if your profession isn’t directly related to the health of the planet.

If you want to do something that helps the planet and your bottom line, consider switching from paper business cards to a smart digital business card solution like Mobilo. Not only do you get a huge upgrade to your networking efforts, but you do your part in reducing paper waste, too.

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Feel free to steal these statistics about paper business cards after you make the switch to Mobilo and you’re telling the world about your new green initiative:

  • A staggering 10 billion business cards are printed every year (that’s a lot of trees cut down!)
  • To make matters even worse, eight billion of those cards are thrown out in under a week after they’re given out
  • Apart from the trees cut down, paper manufacturing itself has a detrimental impact on the environment as well, adding further to the problem
  • Mobilo completely removes the necessity to needlessly use paper products for networking purposes

#3: Donate for Every Conversion

One clever way to “outsource” your Earth Day promotion is to collaborate with an eco-friendly charity. When someone takes a certain action, you make a pledge to donate a certain amount of money to the charity of choice.

You can do it in a couple different ways. If you’re an individual, offer to do something that’s good for the planet every time you receive a like, comment, or share on your social media posts. If you sell products, you can also temporarily add a flat-rate donation for every purchase made on Earth Day.

Here at Mobilo, we’re partnered with One Tree Planted. Every time someone purchases a Mobilo Wood smart digital business card on any day of the year, One Tree Planted plants a tree in their name. 

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#4: Consider Going Beyond Just One Day

A decade or more ago, Black Friday used to be a single day.

Then, Cyber Monday started gaining traction.

Now, you see companies pushing Black Friday sales well in advance of the actual date.

Why? Because, simply put, the opportunity is there. If companies have a lot of sales they can offer, it makes sense to take full advantage of the opportunity via an extended promotion.

You can do the same thing with Earth Day as it pertains to your professional network. Announce the switch to Mobilo on day one. On day two, run a social media challenge. On day three, make a one-time donation.

It’s unlikely anyone will say to themselves, “Ugh—I’m tired of this person caring about the planet!” 

Rather, they’ll be impressed with your genuine appreciation for the health of the planet.

#5: Get Personal With a Heartfelt Message

Last but certainly not least, as we covered above, the health of our planet is an emotional and important topic for many people. If you or your company genuinely cares about the earth, you have an opportunity to connect with your professional network on a real and personal level with a heartfelt message. 

Even if no one takes action with regards to your message, like with running a social media challenge where you donate for every like/comment/share you receive, you’ve communicated clearly that you’re serious about helping the environment.

Write from the heart, edit the message, then post it on social media and send it out in an email newsletter. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can leave a lasting impression on how others perceive you in the professional world.

Remember that the heartfelt message should ideally be used in conjunction with the other promotional ideas on this page. Talk is cheap.


If you’re not taking advantage of free marketing opportunities like Earth Day, you’re leaving business on the table. Use the tips above to fuel your creativity in using Earth Day as an asset for your professional networking efforts. For a quick and easy campaign idea that makes a real impact and is sure to grab the attention of your target audience, make the switch to Mobilo and help save countless trees from being cut down every year.