Essential Earth Day Marketing Tips for Business Professionals
April 21, 2021
by Swetha

Essential Earth Day Marketing Tips for Business Professionals

Savvy business professionals know there’s nothing easier than latching onto a popular holiday and creating a small (or large) marketing campaign revolving around it.

For example, think of the winter holidays—if you’re not doing something to make your way into the hearts and minds of your clients and customers during the last few weeks of December, you’re doing something wrong.

April 22 is officially known as Earth Day. Although Earth Day isn’t quite as well-known as Christmas, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July, it’s still popular—and with a bit of ingenuity, you can harness the holiday to potentially drum up some business.

Earth Day 101

Did you know? Pretty much every calendar day has some sort of celebration associated with it. For example, June 4 is Donut Day. October 1 is Coffee Day. These smaller niche holidays provide plenty of opportunities for clever marketing campaigns if they happen to correlate with your industry.

Although Earth Day may seem like just another niche holiday at first glance, it’s actually much more significant. Since its inception way back in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, it has flourished to become an international holiday with serious merit in the eyes of consumers. On the business side of things, you don’t have to look far to find major companies associating themselves with it. These companies aren’t intrinsically connected to environmental concerns, but they still market around Earth Day because they recognize its widespread appeal.

Why did Earth Day catch to such an extent? The answer is obvious—on a deeper level, people really do care about the earth. In fact, according to a 2017 poll conducted by Pew Research, more than half of Americans cited environmental concerns as their #1 political priority.

Politics aside, it’s clear that the well-being of Mother Earth tugs on the heartstrings of people everywhere, just like other more-established holidays like Christmas do—which means if you’re ignoring Earth Day, you’re also ignoring an easy opportunity for effective marketing.

How to Market Yourself on Earth Day

Earth Day is all about promoting the well-being of our planet. So, if you wish to associate yourself with Earth Day, you need to do something that indicates you’re on board with saving the environment.

Which begs the question—as an individual, business, brand, or organization, what can you do to save the environment? That’s a question that has been gnawing at the minds of everyone who wants to make an impact. Rest assured the answer is more simple than meets the eye. You don’t have to stop the logging industry or convince the entire nation to switch to solar energy. More than anything, all you need to do is make one single change.

The eco-friendly change you decide to make should be related to your business—if you commit to using a different brand of some random consumer item, that’s more personal than it is business.

So, consider your business expenses:

What do you purchase that isn’t good for the environment?

Is it realistic to replace that particular purchase with something that’s better for the environment?

Overall, the change you decide on should meet three important criteria:

  1. It should be impactful. The change needs to promote the health of the planet.
  2. It should be practical. As a businessperson, the idea needs to be both environmentally friendly and fiscally feasible.
  3. It should be significant. Whatever you decide to do should be important enough to warrant telling people about it.

There is one Earth Day marketing initiative that slots into these three important criteria perfectly:

Replacing Paper Business Cards w/ Mobilo

Business cards are an essential part of doing business, even in today’s modern technological world. According to Credit Donkey, a company’s sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 cards handed out.

However, it’s hard to make the argument that they’re good for the earth:

  • Business cards are printed on paper (paper being consumed equals trees being cut down)
  • A staggering 10 billion business cards are printed every year (that’s a lot of trees!)
  • To make matters even worse, eight billion of those cards are thrown out in under a week

There’s a better alternative: Mobilo. Your Mobilo SMART Digital Business Card is powered by RFID technology, meaning that on newer smartphone devices, all you need to do is tap your card to the customer or client’s phone and your full contact information will appear automatically—completely removing the need for hundreds of paper business cards and the environmental woes associated with them. (If your client doesn’t have a newer smartphone device, just scan the QR code located on the back of the card to get the same results.)

Along with being able to boast about ditching the eco-harmful paper business card, Mobilo provides you with a few other business benefits that make it a superior marketing asset over traditional paper business cards in every possible way:

  • Ability to link directly to your social media profiles
  • Ability to link directly to any custom URL
  • Ability to open a custom lead gen form on command

Just think of the possibilities. Instead of handing out a paper card and hoping/praying the potential customer or client contacts you, with Mobilo, you can take matters into your own hands and significantly increase the odds of hearing from that particular customer or client at some point in the future.

As if that’s not enough, for every Mobilo Wood business card purchased, we have agreed to plant a tree on your behalf—which ties into the Earth Day marketing theme perfectly.

Overall, your Earth Day marketing campaign can be boiled down into three simple steps:

  1. Order a Mobilo Wood business card
  2. Send out emails and make social media posts telling your audience about how you ditched paper business cards in honor of Earth Day
  3. Mention the fact that Mobilo planted a tree on your behalf due to your Mobilo Wood business card purchase

Once again, Earth Day isn’t about saving the planet singlehandedly. To promote yourself, all you need to do is make one single change that will help the environment—and if that change also benefits your business persona beyond Earth Day—well, you’d be wise to seize the opportunity.
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