The Mobilo Wood Card, making networking smart and sustainable
March 22, 2021
by Pieter

The Mobilo Wood Card, making networking smart and sustainable

Climate change and COVID-19 have pushed digital innovation and inspired new tools. While being eco-responsible was already an important brand view, we wanted to address the most pressing climate depletion issues. Deforestation is responsible for 10% of all global warming emissions.  Millions of trees are cut down each year to produce traditional paper business cards. In the US alone, more than 27 million business cards are printed on a daily basis, 88% of which end up in the trash can within a week. And to add to that, paper manufacturing is one of the most resource-intensive and polluting methods resulting in harmful emissions into the environment and water bodies. It takes 85 gallons of water to produce 2 pounds of paper, 25% of paper waste goes to landfills where it decomposes and releases methane which is 20 times more potent greenhouse gas than Carbon dioxide. That is why we wanted to provide an alternative that tackles this in the most efficient and earth-loving way possible.

Introducing Mobilo Wood, a card that resembles the ecological aspirations of our brand. With this new, one-of-its-kind, NFC powered, smart business card, we want to provide an opportunity for companies to truly distance themselves from paper waste and plastic. This wood card is made with responsibly sourced materials and is easily recyclable. The card feels light and is extremely powerful. It comes powered with an NFC chip allowing you to share your contact details without contact and in a safe and secure way. For older phones, we include a QR code on the back, which works brilliantly over video calls. It’s available in two variations, Birch – a light shade and Sapele, a darker wood shade.

This wood card is also the first task in our care project, that revolves around doing our best to protect the environment by adapting sustainable practices and products. This card not only helps save trees but also gives back to nature. In association with One Tree Planted, we will be planting one tree for each wood card sold. It might seem a bit ironic that we use wood from trees to save trees but it just happens to be the most sustainable source for this purpose. It’s recyclable, biodegradable, generates the least amount of waste and pollutants in comparison to paper and plastic cards. We will never need more than a few trees to produce all our wood cards. One tree produces 10,000 wood cards and we plant a tree for each card sold. Which means for every tree that goes in the making of Mobilo wood cards, 10,000 new trees are planted.
So to summarise, here are some key aspects of the wood card:

  • For every card sold we plant one tree
  • Recyclable and Biodegradable
  • Made from laminated wood
  • Available in Birch and Sapele
  • Laser-etched with your custom design
  • NFC/RFID Enabled
  • QR Code for older phones
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • Free replacement card
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • CRM Integration & Automation
  • Manage teams through the Admin Panel
  • Ships in 4-8 Business Days

People will remember you, and your brand will be elevated to the highest standards we hold our partners to. We are committed to care for the world we live in and take steps towards helping better the environment. The Wood Card is a symbol that reminds us of how important trees, nature, our surroundings are, to our wellbeing.

Mobilo is a smart and durable business card enabled with NFC and QR Code to wirelessly share contact details. Our cards have been used more than 180,000 times in 136 different countries. Mobilo is available in 5 variations. Besides the wood card, you can choose from a Mobilo branded card, Custom card, Enterprise Card or Metal card.

By switching to Mobilo you don’t just save money but also trees and reduce your carbon footprint. Curious to know how much exactly? Put the Mobilo calculator to test to get your savings result.