How to Establish Your “It Factor” at Networking Events
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How to Establish Your “It Factor” at Networking Events

Networking events can seem daunting, even for seasoned business professionals. You’re thrown into a room with dozens or hundreds of strangers and you need to come away from it having met genuinely helpful business connections. If you don’t, the event was a big waste of time. To achieve your goals, you need to not only be confident and charismatic, but you also need to seek out and talk to the people who matter most.

In such a competitive environment, anything you can do to give yourself an edge is a welcome advantage. Below, we’ll talk about two distinct ways to improve your results at networking events. First, you need to get noticed. Then, you need to make a lasting impression.

Getting your foot in the door

Your world revolves around you, but to everyone else, you’re just another face in the crowd. Think about the individuals you notice in a crowd of people. What defines them?

In a group of strangers, physical appearance is often the key to standing out. That doesn’t mean your appearance should be whacky, silly, or unprofessional—but a little bit of style goes a long way towards creating your “it” factor.

Dress sharply and allow yourself to take some liberties with regards to your personal style preferences. Wearing your favorite colors and articles of clothing will help you stand out and make you feel more comfortable. In turn, more people will talk to you and you’ll feel more natural conversing with them. And, if you keep your style consistent with every networking event you attend, people will start to recognize and remember you because of it. “Who is that?” is the question you want people to be asking themselves about you.

Paying attention to style may seem too superficial for some—and if you already do very well at networking events without paying much attention to your clothing, proceed as you have been. But if you’re one of those people who often comes home disappointed with how you did at the event, consider buying some new clothes and seeing what an impact it makes on your networking efforts, especially with regards to your ease of starting conversations and getting people interested in talking to you.

To make your impression count: Mobilo

Once you’ve started conversations, it’s up to you to demonstrate your value to the other individual. You are, of course, a seasoned industry professional with a lot to offer. But how do you put this on display for the world to see?

In short conversations like the ones you’ll have at networking events, you often need something defining to happen that makes the other person remember who you are. After all, they’re talking to dozens or hundreds of people just like you.

There are a myriad of ways to make a lasting impression, but seeing as you want the people who you connect with to remember you most of all, standing out during the moment when you make the official connection with the other person seems as good of a time as any.

So, when do you make an “official connection”? The exchange of business cards, of course. As someone who’s trying to get remembered, you’re not going to do the ordinary thing and hand out an ordinary business card like the scores of other people at the event. Instead, you’re going to use Mobilo.

Mobilo is a smart digital business card that completely reinvents the exchange of information at networking events—and therefore makes you stand out. Instead of fishing into your wallet for a business card, you simply tap your Mobilo card against any smartphone and your information is automatically populated into a contact entry on the other person’s phone. It’s a guaranteed way to catch the attention of the other person—and since your information is already saved in the other person’s phone, following up with that other person after the event becomes more likely, too.

Along with touchless information transfer between smartphones, Mobilo also comes with three other unique modes for you to play around with: Lead Gen, Social Profile, and Link to Any URL. When combined with the classic Business Card mode, Mobilo is a true all-in-one networking tool that will help you succeed in all areas of business where networking is prevalent.

Click here to learn more about the power of Mobilo. When Mobilo is combined with some intelligent choices of dress, you’ll get better results at networking events—period.