What should I do if the QR code on my wood card is not legible?

This problem usually occurs when the cards are produced in Sapele color and/or when the QR code is too small. Please reach out tosupport@mobilocard.com and our team will gladly assist with producing the card again.

Can I remove users from my organization so their cards can work as personal cards now?

Only if the cards were purchased as personal cards from the start. If they were purchased as Teams cards, then the difference will need to be paid so they can be activated as personal cards in our system. Please feel free to check our pricing at https://www.mobilocard.com/pricing

Why is my application showing a “Connection Error” message when trying to access it?

This problem occurs due to an unstable internet connection, and it can be resolved by switching the device to a different network.

Why am I not getting the password reset email when I click on the “Forgot Password” option?

You may need to check spam or junk folders if you don't receive it on the main tray. If the email is corporate-provided, you may also need to check with your IT department to confirm that no firewall measures are blocking our emails.

Can a magnet from my phone case interfere with the NFC signal?

No. NFC relies on alternating magnetic (and electrical fields) changing 13560000 times per second. A magnet represents a steady field or at most one changing at the comparatively low rate at which you could physically move something. There will be no interference in terms of the actual signals.

How do the Mobilo Cards work exactly?

The Mobilo card has a chip inside that wirelessly sends your information to a phone. When you tap the card on a compatible phone, a contact field appears with all of your information automatically pre-populated.The owner of the phone just has to hit “save”. This type of contact information transfer is just one of four unique modes included with every Mobilo card.Every Mobilo card also contains a QR code on the back to ensure compatibility with older smartphone devices that do not have NFC compatibility.

Why should I choose the Teams package for my cards?

The Teams card would be beneficial for a group of team members as it allows you to have a centralized admin to control your team's settings/contact information and lock fields as you see fit.

Why are the locations shown incorrectly on the dashboard when my card is tapped?

Please bear in mind that the location of the taps shown by our app is based on IP address, in other words where the internet thinks you are, that is why you might see different locations on your home screen. Also, most cell phone companies use different signal towers that might be connected to IP addresses in different locations, and some people might use a VPN service on their phones, which may also alter the location of the taps.

Why is my phone constantly detecting the Smart Button?

This is probably because the sticker was added close to the phone’s NFC antenna. We recommend placing the accessory at the back-bottom area of the phone to avoid this kind of issue.

How do I prevent employees from editing their Landing Pages?

You can lock the Company Landing Page by going to Landing Page Builder > Hit Company Page > Turn the small Unlock/Lock toggle on.

How may I make sure all the users in my org have a unified lead generation form?

Go to Team > Settings > Scroll down to the Lead Generation form section > Add the questions > Hit Apply to all members

Is there a way to get all the QR codes from my org?

No, but we can send you a ZIP file with all the codes. Please reach out to us at support@mobilocard.com

Why is the tapping feature on my metal card not working?

Metal cards require more precision to be tapped due to the material they’re made out of. NFC communications can’t pass through metal. Here are some tips for a successful tap.

If I update the information on my profile, will the changes be reflected for the people who previously saved my contact?

Metal cards require more precision to be tapped due to the material they’re made out of. NFC communications can’t pass through metal. Here are some tips for a successful tap.

To tap the card on iPhones:

Have the QR code facing the phone. Tap the QR code on the top back edge of the phone. Place the QR code where you can still see part of it going over the phone. Make sure the phone is unlocked.

To tap the card on Androids:

Have the QR code facing the phone. Tap the QR code on the back of the phone either on the center or the top of it. Make sure the phone is unlocked. Hold it there for 2-3 seconds.

I just paid for the team licenses, but I’m still getting the License Expired message.

This is because the licenses haven’t been assigned. If you’re the team admin, you can follow the steps in this article to do so → Assigning Licenses

Why am I getting a License Expired message when I tap my card?

This means you’re part of an organization but you don’t have a license assigned.

Why is the QR code in the print proof taking me to your site?

The QR code on the proof is simply a placeholder; this will be replaced by a unique system-generated QR code once the card is sent to be printed.

Why am I experiencing slow loading times?

It could be attributed to issues with your internet connection or service. Here are some steps you can take to address the situation: Check Your InternetConnection: Verify that your internet connection is stable and meets the required speed for optimal performance. Switch network: If the network you're currently using is suboptimal or disconnected, transitioning to a different network can help improve internet connectivity and speed.

What is Mobilo's privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy at this link https://www.mobilocard.com/privacy-policy

Can I add multiple email addresses to my profile?

It’s only possible to add one email address. In the email address field, you can only input one email address at a time. However, you have the option to use the "Notes" section and include additional email addresses there. Additionally, you can utilize the "Other links" section, where you can include links labeled as link1 and link2 to represent additional email addresses.

How does NFC work in Mobilo Cards?

NFC business cards enable you to share your contact information with a single tap. NFC business cards have two components: a digital business card and an NFC tag. They contain tiny microchips, and when tapped to a smartphone, the information paired with your tag (like the link to your business card) automatically appears.

Are there any limitations on sharing my card information in certain countries?

It is possible that in some countries such as China or Russia, this could be attributed to browser or internet limitations specific to those regions

Are there any user guides or tutorials available?

Certainly! At this link, you'll find a collection of video tutorials and support articles. https://www.mobilocard.com/support

What are the key benefits of your product?
  • Exchanging details through Mobilo produces less waste since most paper business cards are thrown out.
  • Having your contact information in a digital form makes it less likely to be lost/easier to reconnect with people.
  • Using Mobilo is also especially helpful for big events where you network with several people since you don't have to carry/take care of all of their business cards.
The widget on my phone is displaying a blank screen. What steps can I take to address this issue?

It’s possible that you have logged out from the app. Please login from the app. Remove the widget and add it back.

Why are fields in profile settings locked? How can I change them?

Fields in the profile settings are locked because you are part of an organization and they have locked those fields. Please reach out to the organization admin and ask them to update your information.

Where should I place my smart button on my device?

Ideally you would place it somewhere in the bottom back of your devices.Placing any higher might trigger false readings on your own device pulling up your profile

How come I’m getting taxed for my Order?

International purchases are typically subject to taxes that are not included at the time of purchase. As a result, you may be contacted by the courier to facilitate the customs clearance process. It is important to note that we are not responsible for any taxes or fees associated with customs clearance as these are imposed by your local government and is normally accounted for and handled by the recipient. For more information on these please get in touch with your local customs office.

How can I export the Leads from my account?

You can export your leads logging in to your account from the web portal https://app.mobilocard.com/.Select the Leads tab on the left hand side and on the upper right of the screen is a button to export the date.

How small can I make the QR code?

Regular size is Default area (QR plus card code underneath)is 1.25" The code block by itself is 1". The minimum size of QR code that should be allowed is 0.75 inches square (300 px for square, 450 for Round QR).

How do I align the mode of all the cards in our organization?

Logging in your Super Admin account from our web portal https://app.mobilocard.com/, go to the Teams tab and click on Settings and select your preferred CardMode for all the cards in your organization.

Why can’t I see my card in my account?

Most likely, you’re currently logged in to the wrong account.

How do I get a custom accessory (Fob/button)?

A custom accessory is only applicable for 50 card orders or more and at an additional cost.

My password reset said it’s expired.

Our password reset expires after 1 hour upon request. Please make sure when the request has been made you do the reset immediately. You can try again at https://app.mobilocard.com/#/forgotPassword.

The metal card I received has very sharp edges. What should I do?

Please reach out to support@mobilocard.com so we can gladly produce and ship a new card to the address provided making entirely sure that the product is safe and free of sharp edges.

Why is the QR code placed as a plastic sticker on my metal card?

Due to the material the metal cards are made of (stainless steel), the wiring may create some interference, so we use a highly durable sticker with the QR code to avoid any issues while reading the card. We haven't had any major issues with it, but feel free to reach out at any time if you notice the QR code is not working properly, or if it starts to deteriorate.

Is it necessary to have a QR code printed on my card?

The QR code is your safety blanket in case a device has no NFC available so it will work the same way as the NFC and share the mode accordingly. Once the design of your cards is approved, each user will have their own personalized QR code generated by our system.

What is the metal case I received along with my order used for?

The metal case is usually included in metal card orders asa gift so the cards can be safely stored in it.

What should I do if the QR code on my wood card is not legible?

This problem usually occurs when the cards are produced in Sapele color and/or when the QR code is too small. Please reach out tosupport@mobilocard.com and our team will gladly assist with producing the card again.

Can I have my headshot on my metal card?

This isn’t recommended because metal cards are laser-engraved; therefore, the design is monochrome and in one shade which is why highly detailed images aren’t something we advise to add.

Can I move/resize the QR code on metal cards?

No, it’s not possible because the cards already come with the QR code placed in the back-center.

Can you add colors to metal or wood cards?

We can’t since metal and wood cards are laser engraved.

I don’t like my design, how can I add comments?

Go to order.mobilocard.com > Card Status > click onWaiting for Approval > Review Design > Leave the comment > Hit Reject.

Can I remove this unique card code?

This isn’t recommended because it allows us to tell the cards apart; however, it’s possible.

Why is there the word "cardcode” on my proof?

This will be replaced by a unique alphanumeric code once we print the cards that allows us to identify them.

How big are the cards?

85mm x 54mm

Can I use a custom QR code?

We can not add external QR codes to the design.

Is it possible to incorporate multiple QR codes into the card design?

Only one QR code per card for all types of cards

Why is my (Metal/Wood) design in black and white?

The reason you are seeing the print proof in monochrome is because our laser engraver is set up to recognize the blacks as the areas where the design would be etched. So no need to worry about the card material, all you need to look into is if our design was able to match the design you have in mind.

How do I change our Company Logo?

Logging in your Super Admin account from our web portal https://app.mobilocard.com/, go to the Teams tab and click on Company Profile and you should see the Company Logo section. Please click Change and you will be prompted toselect an image file to upload.

What file formats are accepted by your designers?

We accept all graphical file types: PSD, PNG, JPG, AI, EPS, PDF.

Can you add colors to metal or wood cards?

We can’t since metal and wood cards are laser engraved

Why has my metal card not arrived yet?

Please take into consideration that it can take up to 3 business days to produce our metal cards due to their engraving process. Once the cards are ready, they are shipped to the address provided and the delivery time will depend entirely on your location.

Do I need to pay any customs fee when my order arrives?

On some occasions, a fee is required to be paid for yourcards to be delivered. Import duties are applied to the country of destination- we do not charge taxes ourselves.

Do you have special prices for big orders?

The prices we’re currently handling are listed on buy.mobilocard.com ; however, you can book a demo with our Sales team at hello@mobilocard.com and discuss this further.

Do you offer international shipping?

We provide shipping services worldwide, ensuring that customers from all corners of the globe can benefit from our products. Whether you're located in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world,our commitment to global shipping allows us to reach you wherever you are.

How long does it take for the design team to get back with my design?

24 to 48 hours to create the print proof. Once it’s ready, you’ll receive an automated email to log back in to the portal to review the print proofs for your approval.