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Release or reassign your team's cards from the Admin Panel

Release or reassign your team's cards from the Admin Panel

You can reassign or release your team's cards via the Mobilo app or our web portal at

To do so, in the right-hand side panel click on Teams:

Next, find the team member whose card you wish to reassign or release, and hit the manage button:

On the next page, scroll down until you find the 'Manage Cards' section, click on the card you wish to release or reassign, and then on the Card Admin tab, as shown below:

*Releasing the card will remove all the prior contact information, and that card will no longer be associated with the previous email address. 

*After release, tapping the card or scanning the QR code will bring up a blank signup form. Add the new cardholder's email address and details there. The card will then be assigned to the new address, and a login email will be sent out to the new cardholder.

*Reassigning the card will allow you to assign the card to a new or existing account. You can input the new cardholder's details manually from the admin panel. 

*After reassigning, the information from the previous cardholder will be removed from the card. 

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