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Microsoft SSO

Microsoft SSO

IMPORTANT: The following 2  criteria must be met to allow for a successful sync:

  • Microsoft SSO will only allow the sync for email addresses provided directly by Microsoft. 
  • With that in mind, the email address used to create the Mobilo accounts must match the email address provided by Microsoft. 

To enable this feature please follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to support at requesting to enable Microsoft SSO (please note that once Microsft SSO is enabled for your organization all non-admin users will only be able to login with Microsoft SSO)
  2. Once we confirm it has been enabled then you can send the invitation to your team. It is important to note that the invite is time sensitive and expires within 24 hours. We recommend informing your team that they will receive an invite. Here are the steps to send the invitation
  • log into (must be an admin account)
  • click on "Teams" on the left-hand side menu
  • click on "Integrations" tab
  • click on "Microsoft SSO"
  • click on the “select all” checkbox or the checkbox beside each account (in case you’re not inviting everyone to have access through SSO)
  • click "Invite"

  1. Your team members will receive the invitation and they will need to click on the link to connect their Microsoft account to their Mobilo account.

    4. Once step 3 is completed the user will be automatically logged in to the app.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How to register the Mobilo Card app in Azure?

The first time Microsoft SSO - a pop up will appear with a request to be sent to Azure. An Azure user with global administrator access will need to access their account to approve this request.

2. Can Super Admins login with Microsoft SSO?


3. Can group admins login with Microsoft SSO?

Yes, it is enforced/necessary.

4. Can a user login with an email and password after Microsoft SSO has been enabled?

No. Microsoft SSO will be enforced on team members and group admins.

5. I do not have a teams card/license can I use Microsoft SSO?


6. If I have Microsoft SSO can I change my login email address?

No. Only super admins can change their login email address and manage their teams’ email addresses.

7. Can a team member with Microsoft SSO reset their password in Mobilo?


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