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How to design your Mobilo Card

How to design your Mobilo Card

*If you bought a MOBILO Branded card, please click here to learn how to configure it.

Video Walkthrough:

Want to see the process from start to finish? Check out this video.

Please visit our order portal at and log in using the email used to place the order (if you don’t have a password please use the password reset option).


​Once you log in, click on ‘START DESIGN’, and select your 'Card Type' (depending on your order you should see custom, wood, and/or metal).  On the ‘Card Variation’ field, select your card(s) and accessories (if applicable). Lastly, on the ‘Number of Employees’ field input the number of cards you want to design and print on this submission.

Start design Mobilo card

*If this is not your first submission and you want to use your previous design, please click here to learn how to use a previous design for a new order. 

On the next page, click on ‘Create New Design’ and then hit the ‘NEXT’ button. Use the ‘I will share an Example’ option, scroll down further, and upload your artwork. If you have a front and back design, please use the corresponding fields or simply upload your logos and artwork. At the bottom of this page, you should see a textbox for comments and instructions. Once you are done uploading your design and comments click on the ‘NEXT’ button.

Create new design mobilo card

Now it’s time to input the cardholder(s) information. For that, you have 3 options:


1. Manually Enter Employee Information: 


With this option, you will be able to manually input the ‘cardholder’s’ information. Please bear in mind that if you are submitting multiple cards, you will need to add multiple fields by clicking on the ‘ADD EMPLOYEE’ button on the right-hand side corner (the number of lines should correspond to the number of cards you are designing), as shown below:

Manualy enter employee information

*The email used here will be the cardholder’s username for our mobile app. 

 *If you are configuring multiple cards for the same cardholder just fill in the information once, and change the quantity to the number of cards you want to print. 

 *For metal and wood cards, you will need to choose your color preference.


2. Bulk Upload Employee Information


If you are submitting a large order, we recommend using the Bulk Upload option. For this option, we kindly ask you to download the template provided in our portal and fill in the details. Please note that the minimum requirements are first name, last name, email address or phone number (including country code), and quantity of cards. Make sure to save it to your computer as an excel file (.xlsx) go back to the order portal and upload it, as shown below: 

Bulk Upload Employee Information



3. Gift or Unassigned


If you do not have the cardholder’s information available or you wish to configure the card at a later time, please select the ‘Gift or Unassing’ option and you will be able to set up your card once you receive it by following the steps listed in this article: How to assign your card.


Once you are done with the cardholder’s details, please click on the ‘NEXT’ button, and will be prompted with the following sign: 

Email communication


If you want us to send the log-in credentials to the cardholder, make sure to leave the ‘Send log-in instructions to employees’ option checked and click on save.

Once this process is done, the design team will create a  print proof and you will be alerted via email to review it. Here's how to respond to our team's comments.

Production will begin as soon as you approve the mockup. And, as soon as your card has shipped you will receive an email with tracking information. 


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