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How does the Team License work?

How does the Team License work?

If you are looking to manage the cards of your members from the same place, then our solution for organizations is the way to go. 

With our Team license, you will have access to our admin panel where you not only can manage the cards, but also measure and monitor your team through the actions taken with their Mobilo card. 

This solution requires a license per person that costs $48 a year, and as long as the licenses are active you will be able to use our platform to guide your team’s networking efforts thanks to the benefits you will get from the actions listed below: 

  • Manage your teams and cards from a single, unified tool
  • Collect, compare, and report on individual or team data
  • Fill out, sync, update, or lock each team member’s profile
  • Organize members by group, department, or location

Keep in mind that the licenses work individually so we always recommend purchasing the same amount of cards as licenses. If however, you need additional licenses or you forgot to include them in your purchase, that is not a problem, reach out to us at or and we will be happy to help you out.  

Click here to check our Mobilo Academy for teams for more details.

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