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Design specifications

Design specifications

The Mobilo card is the same size as your credit card. The exact measurements are 85.60×53.98 mm or 3.370×2.125 inch and it has rounded corners.

It’s important to keep in mind that while plastic cards can be colored, the design on wood and metal cards is monochrome because they are laser engraved.

Black plastic cards cannot have colored elements; a black background will print correctly with white elements only.

Wood cards come in two colors: 

  • Birch (light wood) 
  • Sapele (dark wood)

Metal cards come in three colors:

  • Black with silver engraving
  • Silver with brown engraving
  • Gold with brown engraving

The QR code on metal cards will be placed on the back of the card, it cannot be removed, resized, or placed anywhere else since the code covers and protects the NFC antenna.

Accessories are customizable for purchases of 50 pieces or more.

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