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Best practices for Networking and Lead Generation

Best practices for Networking and Lead Generation

The Mobilo Card is a game-changer for networking and lead generation. With its cutting-edge technology and multi-functional features, it has redefined how professionals connect and exchange contact details. In this support article, we'll delve into the best practices for harnessing the power of the Mobilo Card.

Understand the Card Modes for Every Occasion:

Mobilo's four card modes cover different networking scenarios. 

In the "Business Card mode," effortlessly share your contact details with a single tap for in-person meetings. 

Transition to "Lead Generation Mode" to collect leads and seamlessly send them to your preferred CRM tools with our Zapier integration.

Use “Personal Landing Page Mode” to make lasting impressions and engage the 'Link to URL Mode' to effortlessly guide individuals to your Website, Social Profile, presentations , Brochures or any specific URL you wish to direct them towards. 

Familiarize yourself with these modes and select the most appropriate one for each interaction!

Optimize Your Digital Business Card:

Ensure that your Mobilo Card is up-to-date and accurately represents your professional profile. Double-check the contact details, job title, and other relevant information you want to share. 

You now have the ability to exercise greater control over when and with whom you choose to share your information. Plus, you can easily update your details on the fly through the Profile Settings within the app.

Make the best use of NFC Technology:

The heart of the Mobilo Card's functionality lies in its NFC chip. To seamlessly exchange contact details, make sure you tap the card gently on a compatible phone. Familiarize yourself with the positioning and technique for optimal results several times before attending an event. 

QR Code Scanning for Compatibility:

For devices that do not support NFC technology, leverage the Mobilo Card's QR code feature. Open the camera and scan the QR code to share your contact details effortlessly. This ensures compatibility across a range of devices, enabling smooth interactions.

Forgot your card? Make use of the Widget, Smart Button and/or Key Fob

Place the Mobilo Widget on your home screen or lock screen, and with a simple tap, your digital business card becomes instantly accessible. Similarly, the Key Fob and Smart Button can be attached anywhere you prefer. For optimal use, we recommend attaching the Smart Button to the lower back of your phone case to avoid any potential interference with your phone's NFC functionality.

No need to struggle  with apps or search for your contact details – everything you need to make that valuable connection is right there.

Embrace these practices, master the Mobilo Card, and unlock a world of networking possibilities!

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