Mobilo’s Contribution to World Environment Day 2021
June 3, 2021
by Swetha

Mobilo’s Contribution to World Environment Day 2021

Many countries have their own holidays dedicated to the environment — for example, Japan has Greenery Day on May 4th, dedicated to celebrating nature and the many blessings it brings to humanity. But there is only one worldwide celebration of the environment, and that’s on the 4th of June — World Environment Day. This year, the United Nations has dedicated World Environment Day around the theme of “Ecosystem Restoration”. Mobilo is founded upon similar principles of environmental preservation and restoration — here’s how we’re doing our part to save the planet.

The Truth About Humans and Trees

Everyone knows that trees are cut down to use paper, but few are aware of the true scope of the logging industry. Nearly one billion trees are cut down each year for human consumption purposes. Between 2015 and 2020, humanity managed to cut down 10 million hectares of forest that was not replaced by natural growth. (This figure is actually an improvement over what we were doing before—in the 1990s, we cut down and did not replace an average of 16 million hectares of forest per year.)

A hectare is equal to 43,560 square feet. A football field is 48,000 square feet, so we have essentially been bulldozing at least 10 million football fields’ worth of trees… every single year. It’s estimated that 7.2 million of the trees cut down annually are used to make business cards. 88% of business cards are thrown out within a week and 63% are thrown out right away.

This sort of reckless consumption is in no way sustainable—which is why Mobilo removes the need for traditional paper business card printing, saving the lives of millions of trees every year and helping to conserve the environment.

It Doesn’t Stop There

An oft-overlooked component of the paper industry is the manufacturing process, which is not an eco-friendly process. Nitrogen dioxide (NO), sulfur dioxide (SO), and carbon dioxide (CO) are all emitted—greenhouse gases which cause pollution, strain all ecosystems near the production facilities, and can even in some cases cause acid rain.

Paper mills are usually built outside of urban areas—so the majority of people have no reason to know these facts. But there’s no getting around it—manufacturing paper is bad for the environment.

Thus, the paper industry is a double whammy on the environment’s health. First, trees are cut down, leading to unstable ecosystems, which affects all of the wildlife residing in them. Next, the trees are turned into paper, leading to all sorts of second-hand environmental problems such as greenhouse gas emission.

Not only is the original ecosystem harmed—the one where the manufacturing takes place is negatively affected, too.

Are Paper Business Cards Still “Required”?

In business, making connections is completely necessary. Before, paper business cards were an important part of making such connections—thus, paper business cards were seen as a necessary evil.

But today, with the arrival of digital networking capabilities, paper business cards are outdated. In fact, paper products are becoming more and more obsolete every single day. Imagine asking someone to print out a document, sign it, scan it, and email you back the scanned image. They’d look at you funny. Why not just use a digital service like DocuSign—and remove the need for paper entirely—while also making the process more efficient?

Here at Mobilo, that’s what we do, except with business cards instead of contracts. No networking functionality is sacrificed when you make the switch to Mobilo. Just tap your Mobilo card on a smartphone and a contact entry with all of your information pre-populated appears on the prospect’s phone. The prospect just clicks “save”—and the exchange of information is complete. No paper was needed and no trees were harmed.

And that’s not including the other three unique modes that come standard with every Mobilo smart business card, or the backend integrations that make your business life so much easier.

Mobilo is not just a replacement for paper business cards—it’s a major upgrade over the old way of doing things as well.

The Three Core Tenets of Mobilo’s Environmental Impact

  • Remove the need for paper business cards
  • Use sustainably-sourced materials
  • Create durable multi-use products that don’t need to be replaced often

What are you doing to celebrate World Environment Day? If everyone takes a small step towards ecosystem preservation, big things can happen.

To easily create a positive impact on the environment while upgrading your networking capabilities at the same time, order a Mobilo smart business card today.

If you order Mobilo Wood, we’ll even plant a tree in your name!