Why Paper Business Cards Aren’t Smart
April 22, 2020
By Pieter

Why Paper Business Cards Aren’t Smart

Here’s a quick reminder that this is 2020 and we are dealing with a viral pandemic. Will we ever exchange business cards again? It is a tradition that dates back to the 18th century but when it comes to networking it feels like we are stuck in time, even though we now have smartphones and Google.

The business card has always formed an integral part of the networking experience. It’s a true extension of you and your business. And also a token, something cultural. I can still vividly remember the first time I received my first stack of cards. A magical representation and confirmation of my role at the company. I was so proud. Whether we attend events like the annual Content Marketing World, or smaller local ones, the paper business card remains the fastest way to exchange information. Or is this just something we are used to? What could possibly replace this tradition? Even though I’m not sure if events will ever come back in the same shape or form as before, the future is kind of blurry. Let’s stay positive and assume that at some point we can mingle and meet new people like we humans love to do.
While lots of my friends debate the relevance of paper business cards, we have tried apps, bump each other’s phones, shared contact details over airdrop or Bluetooth and even tinder (or was it Bumble, I never can tell the two apart), this blog post delves a bit deeper into how a smart business card can help you edge past your competitors.

1. Why should I even carry a stack of business cards?

At any networking event, you meet and greet around 100 people. It’s a big number I know, but trust me all those handshakes add up fast. Carrying around that many cards, especially when you are a man or woman and neither your outfit nor handbag can accommodate the thick premium paper cards, is a tough ask. And what are you doing it for? Let’s not forget business cards can easily be tossed, dropped, lost, or just not even looked at again.

A smart business card, like the Mobilo card, saves you the trouble. You only need one card and you share your contact details with a tap. Hold your card near a phone and there you go, all your information pops up on screen. This saves time and lots of aggravation. More importantly, the Mobilo smart and digital business card ensures that your contact details are safely stored on your prospect’s phone. That’s the ultimate phone SEO.

2. Making an unforgettable impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In many industries and cultures, the business card still plays a very important role. Now that innovation and technology are rapidly pushing us to stay in the lead, your business card can play an even bigger role. Using a smart business card to tap a phone creates big smiles, guaranteed. The somewhat magical approach of wireless transmission will make a lasting impression. This is how a single tap with a Mobilo business card can redefine your approach. The technology is in itself a conversation starter so that’s already half the battle.

3. Ditch that pitch and let your work do the talking

Like it or not, the term ‘pitch’ could be part of the “old world”. Today everything is about starting a meaningful conversation. Invite people to talk, share, participate and through that develop rapport. The Mobilo card can be programmed to link to a product presentation or demo, which means that you can let your product do the talking while you observe how your prospect interacts with the content. Imagine how different this is from explaining what URL somebody should type in or even opening up your laptop, to connect to the internet and find your way to the right part of the website to start the demo. This is the ultimate way, to keep things easy.

A natural conversation kicks off, leading to a fruitful relationship with your prospective clients and providing you with the ability to showcase your product in real-time on the spot and render your service.

4. Driving your brand identity in no time

Networking is crucial for influencers to build their brand and take it to the point that it’s immediately recognizable. It’s one of the best ways to boost brand perception and visibility. That’s where the digital business card comes in. As an influencer, you can save your social media profiles like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in your account to present them with ease.

Customize it by adding your logo, avatar or profile photo and show off your personal style. So now, when you meet a potential client, you can immediately guide them to your ‘Social Media Hub’ with your Mobilo smart business card. Contact details and your portfolio, all under one roof. It fast tracks networking, leading you to share your content without losing time.

5. Let’s go green

Twenty-seven million business cards are printed per day, in the U.S. alone! And if you thought that was a crazy number, an estimated eighty-eight percent ends up in the trash can within a week. We know paper has been thrown around and we need to reduce consumption, but it surely did surprise us, and hopefully you too. What if you had a reusable business card. One that is digitally connected, smart and at the same time solves this massive amount of paper waste. Reduce your carbon footprint as you don’t need that deck of (paper business) cards anymore and do your bit for the environment by saving 15 billion trees from getting cut each year (according to the journal Nature).

All in all, you probably still have plenty of reasons to use your old stack of paper business cards. But hopefully, we gave you 5 insights into why a digital or smart business card could be the way to go from here. Tap and share your contact details, give people a chance to remember you, show off more than just your email address, let your product lead the conversation, put your brand in the centre of it all and save some trees while you’re at it.