Updating Your Business Practices to Capitalize on Today’s Trends
November 29, 2021
by Swetha

Updating Your Business Practices to Capitalize on Today’s Trends

Recent years have transformed the world of business in more ways than one. Businesspeople who fail to adapt to the latest trends risk losing customers and clients to those who do. This page details three important business trends to keep an eye on and provides insight on how to update your business practices to cater to new consumer preferences.

Health and hygiene continue to be a major concern

The COVID-19 pandemic has put health and hygiene practices of businesses front row and center. Customers and clients want to see that you’re making an effort to put their safety first. By ignoring safety concerns, you risk prospects going to a competition other than you. In a worst case scenario, not offering safety solutions may result in negative public feedback, which may damage your brand reputation and require you to do damage control.

Luckily, for the majority of businesses, catering to potential health concerns can be a small effort with a big payoff. Simple things like offering hand sanitizer to those who want to use it can make the customer or client feel at ease.

To go above and beyond, consider removing potentially unhygienic touch points from your customer and client interaction. For example, certain viruses can live on surfaces for up to five days. By switching from traditional paper business cards to Mobilo, you remove the need to exchange a piece of paper where viruses may be present. 

Of course, offering traditional paper business cards can still serve your business well--no matter our personal views, by catering to all types of customers and clients, we cast as wide of a net as possible when attempting to drum up new business.

Convenience is more important than ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has also made customers pay attention to the convenience factor when it comes to their interactions with businesses and businesspeople. Which begs the question--what can you do to make the life of your customer or client easier?

Convenience for the prospect doesn’t need to be a sacrifice for you. Consider a convoluted process like scheduling phone calls. Two parties will sometimes go back and forth and spend as much time scheduling a meeting as they do talking to one another. Why not use a tool like Calendly to make things easier for the customer or client and yourself at the same time?

Along with major initiatives, smaller instances of convenience can add up in a big way, too. Tapping your Mobilo card is a much more direct method of information exchange than traditional paper business cards are. 

A second here, a minute there--it all adds up, and people remember how you saved them time.

Environmental initiatives can help your brand image

Concern for the environment continues to be an important issue for customers and clients around the world. Not everyone who cares about the environment will necessarily seek out businesses based on their environmental practices, but by clearly demonstrating your passion for the environment, that attribute can sometimes be enough to sway prospects towards you over a competitor.

As always, the changes you make to capitalize on trends don’t have to be completely groundbreaking. Any single change you can make to help the environment is worthy of recognition. 

When it comes to environmental initiatives, be sure to tell the world about them--because not every change you make will be completely obvious. Social media can be used to easily tell the world about the changes you’re making to help the environment, and those types of posts are sure to be homeruns when it comes to engagement.

By using Mobilo, you remove the need to print hundreds or thousands of business cards every year. That’s a simple environmental change for your business that all of your customers and clients can understand and appreciate.


The world is changing--and as a competitive businessperson, the onus is on you to keep up with the changes. 

Capitalize on any of the trends above with the help of a Mobilo smart business card to stay up to date and impress any potential networking prospects that may come your way.