The Mobilo Metal Card
September 24, 2020
by Pieter

The Mobilo Metal Card

One Class Above All Others.

Ever since the start of Mobilo, we have been looking for something special. Personally, I can still remember the feeling when I got my first stack of business cards. Holding them in my hands was a confirmation of the company, the product, and the position. And therefore I am even more excited that today we are announcing the launch of a truly premium business card, the Mobilo Metal card.

Modeled after premium credit cards, this card looks great and makes you feel fantastic. There is one difference though, it will make you money instead. Nobody has a card that can transfer contact info without contact, looks like a million dollars and makes digital business card apps feel cheap. Many times we have heard customers calling the Mobilo card a ‘MAGIC’ business card. Even my tech-savvy friends are surprised and amazed by the ‘tap and share’ of our smart business card. It never fails to amaze. And now we can add a heavyweight (literally) to our lineup. A card that breathes exclusivity. Our digitally connected business card establishes an amazing first impression. It is made of steel. Just like a Rolls-Royce, Rolex, and so many other ‘things’ that make our lives just a bit more enjoyable and luxurious. Steel is an exceptional metal which is harder than aluminum. Now you can have a business card made from premium metal that has digital capabilities.

Metal Business Card


The start of the digital business card came from the frustration of carrying a stack of business cards. They are heavy, fragile and the number of people you meet at a tradeshow or networking event requires you to bring a package thicker than your old Nokia 3310. The first time I went to a networking event in NYC, I brought what I thought was a very decent amount of cards only to run out halfway through the event. The man who taught me the networking game and introduced me to the event frowned in disappointment because of my unpreparedness. While I kept gathering business cards, if I had a Mobilo smart business card, I would have had unlimited powers. I could have used it as many times as I wanted, it wouldn’t have failed me.


The second reason for owning a Mobilo card would be to gather contact details, not just to give them away. It’s hard enough for a sales leader, hustler, entrepreneur, or simply any motivated person, to sit and wait for leads to come in. You want to be in control, reach out, and follow up. I already mentioned a networking event, but just asking for a business card isn’t the same as doing the ‘exchange’. You are judged, weighed, and approved on what you bring to the table. How much effort did you put in representing yourself? With the Mobilo card one thing is certain, people will be impressed. You may gather a crowd and earn instant respect. Wireless and contactless transmissions will allow your details to pop up on the screen like magic! You are the person everybody will be talking about and thinking about. One step closer to making that deal.

Best metal business cards - Mobilo


Tell me you have a drawer full of old business cards. You don’t want to throw them away, because you never know. But at the same time, you know that the chances of striking gold are long gone. In sales, the first thing you learn is about the correlation between follow-up speed and the chances of closing deals. If you respond in 5 minutes to an inquiry, you have an 80% chance of getting a response. If you wait for an hour, it’s only 50% and after 3 hours there’s a 1 in 5 chance somebody will even get back to you. This is why there have been so many companies providing professionals with the best software improvements to help you follow up, and follow-through. Sadly, the business card is just paper. Powerless. But not anymore. After a connection is made with our smart business card, the contact information you received is effortlessly synced with your CRM or any of the other 2,000 apps we integrate with. Now when you get home after a long day of networking, you will find your leads nice and neat, ready to go. Send a follow up in seconds and never lose momentum.


The conclusion. The money slide. The final argument. Don’t even think about ever using a paper business card again. Stop wasting money and trees. Get one card to rule them all, the smartest business card. One that integrates with your digital tools, one that provides data and insights, one that makes people remember you.


Metal business card - Mobilo