The Apple iPhone SE 2020’s hidden feature
May 21, 2020
by Pieter

The Apple iPhone SE 2020’s hidden feature

The Apple iPhone SE packs all the features you need, but there’s one thing nobody is talking about.

With the upcoming launch of iPhone SE (2020), Apple strives to present a complete package wrapped in iOS13 at an affordable price of just $399. The launch timing, a little off the beat this time, couldn’t be more perfect for networking professionals. With the new powerful chip, a stunning camera with 4k video quality and an affordable price range, this device is sure to gain a lot of traction in the market.

The cherry on the cake however and the one which is less talked about is: ‘The complete onboarding of NFC features.’ What this means is that now, when you happen to cross an NFC loaded product, all you have to do is tap your iPhone on the chip, open the link, and in an instance you will have all the information you need on-screen.

By integrating the NFC features into its core API (or its core functionalities), Apple’s IOS 13 has made the use of this tech a much easier task, thereby giving us, the dear consumer, a wider range of accessibility to solutions in the areas of transportation, healthcare, contactless card pay, marketing, branding, etc.

NFC or Near Field Communication was invented to fill in the need for electronic exchange of physically stored information. For Example, Apple Pay’s use of NFC is that it saves your physical card details which can then be transferred to the grocery store’s payment machine by scanning. Needless to say, it saves a lot of time. On top of that, add its ability to store a physical piece of information and transmit it across devices. This is the root of Apple Pay’s magic.

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Grown from just sharing media between devices, this technology is present with you right from the minute you start your day and use your smartwatch which is charged using NFC to track your fitness goals, it is with you when you want to know more about a brand and you scan the NFC loaded poster with your smartphones, it is with you when you cross the toll booth without stopping your car, it is with you when you go for grocery shopping and you pleasantly use Apple Pay to clear the bill, without worrying about your cards or its complex details.

Understanding the beauty behind this tech, helped us to create Mobilo card, a digital business card that has an embedded NFC tag. An NFC tag is basically the point of contact that stores the information you wish to share with others. In Mobilo card’s case that information will be not only your contact details but also contains the links to all your Social Media profiles, website, presentation, etc.

A ton of apps have tried to use the NFC feature to create tags providing various kinds of solutions, but the compatibility and easy access are where they lack. Mobilo card is something different. Its connection mechanism is crisp, easy to access, understand, and use. This smart business card, paired with the new affordable iPhone SE that houses all the features of NFC, becomes the perfect networking tool for business professionals out there.

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To quote Koichi Tagwa (Chairman of NFC Forum), “New features and options for NFC technology inspire developers to innovate, knowing that their target market is continually expanding with a large number of iPhones in the market. The explosion of NFC technologies—in handsets, wearables, and vehicles, for example— signals that NFC is becoming a ‘now’ technology. Apple’s announcement brings more NFC-based convenience to millions of iPhone users worldwide, which could further accelerate the momentum behind NFC. Expanding NFC capabilities means consumers will be the big winners.”

The launch of the new iPhone SE with iOS 13 that boasts complete usability of NFC, and it’s marvelous affordability will help us at Mobilo card (the smart business card) to reach out to more iPhone owners. Owners, who can now seamlessly shift to digital business cards and enjoy the ease of sharing a basket full of details as your ‘Contact Information’, thereby making communication crispier and less time-consuming.