Say Hello to the New Mobilo App
July 27, 2022

Say Hello to the New Mobilo App

With so many professionals still giving out paper business cards, Mobilo’s smart business card and networking technology helps you get a leg up over the competition. You stand out, spend less time on trivial tasks, and do more with the data you have.

This week, we’re rolling out a new app update for all Mobilo users across all plans, helping you perform better and network smarter. We have a few features we're particularly excited to share with our customers. Check out this great video walk through with our CEO, Pieter.

Automated Lead Enrichment

screenshot of mobilo lead enrichment feature

A point of friction in qualifying leads and conducting efficient research is time. Unless you’re able to hand the task off to an assistant or team member, you’ll spend hours finding out more about your leads to give yourself the greatest chances of success.

To solve this problem and help you work more efficiently, Mobilo has integrated Automated Lead Discovery. Enriching and integrating contact information has never been easier. With our new update, you can seamlessly enrich and transfer leads from the Mobilo app to just about anywhere.  

When lead information is entered into the Mobilo backend, our platform now automatically scrapes public data sources to find out the following key data points about your new lead:

  • Linkedin Profile
  • Company Website
  • Company Name
  • Company Size
  • Title
  • Where the lead info were captured
  • When the Lead info were captured

If you’re taking advantage of Mobilo’s integration with 2,000+ popular CRM platforms, you can use these new data points to make sure your automatic followup is as personable, and relevant, to the other individual as possible. Here are a few of our favorite use cases:

  • Drive new prospects into your Sales CRM dashboard with no manual input or hassle
  • Funnel your fresh leads directly into your marketing software, automations or workflows
  • Send welcome emails, create Slack notifications, transfer contacts to Google sheets, and more! 

With enhanced data at your fingertips, you free up time for more important and exciting tasks, all while getting superior results from your outreach thanks to your improved lead quality. 

Business Card Widget

screenshot of mobilo business card widget

If you leave your Mobilo card at home but still want to access the power of our platform, just use your phone to pull up the new and improved Business Card Widget. When the Business Card Widget is open, your phone will then function identically to your Mobilo smart business card. This is a cutting edge feature that no other smart business card companies offer.

The Business Card Widget can also be used as a backup in rare cases where Mobilo’s NFC technology, which allows your Mobilo card or smartphone to interact with smart devices with a single tap, isn’t available. NFC is almost always available —- more than two billion smart devices have NFC capabilities, particularly newer devices. On Apple’s side, every device since the iPhone 6 has had NFC capabilities. On Android’s side, most newer devices also have NFC enabled; however unlike Apple, not every Android phone manufacturer enables NFC by default.

If you encounter a situation where NFC isn’t working at all for one reason or another, the Business Card Widget functions as a secondary backup by providing a QR code. The other individual just needs to take a picture of this QR code with their device, and the same functionality will take place as it would if you had used NFC instead.

For example, if you’re using Lead Generation mode, scanning the QR code on your Business Card Widget will automatically send the other individual to your custom information input form, just as tapping your card or NFC-enabled device against their device would. 

No app is required to use the Business Card Widget and access the full power of Mobilo. Plus, it’s just plain cool.

Mobilo helps you “wow” your new connection; if that’s not available for one reason or another, or you forget your card at home, you can still make use of (and show off) Mobilo’s nifty networking technology with your Business Card Widget.

Team Leaderboard

screenshot example of mobilo team leaderboard

Many organizations benefit from tracking performance and activity with their employees, especially out in the wild. With the right motivation, team members can be driven to be more accountable, enabling an organization to achieve significantly higher overall performance than it would without the performance tracking in place.

Mobilo’s new Team Leaderboard allows Admins to easily run friendly competitions to see who makes the most connections (taps) with their card in a certain period of time. To make tracking easy, you can filter results by the last seven or 30 days. This is especially useful at conferences or events. 

Internally, the Team Leaderboard can also be used to see which team members are performing well, and who might be able to put in more effort towards creating new connections. Of course, a quantitative statistic such as card taps doesn’t necessarily tell the full story behind an employee’s performance, but it can serve as a helpful metric when assessing overall employee performance through a variety of parameters.

UX and General Improvements Across the Board

In our never ending quest to make Mobilo as seamless and fun to use as possible, we’ve updated various UX elements throughout the app to help you move faster and be an even more effective networking professional. 

We’ve also made a number of other small improvements to different parts of our platform, such as:

  • A new leads contact book
  • A new employee management section
  • Improved card management flow on the Cards Page 
  • Improved overall flow on the Mobilo Feed page
  • Improved UX flow on the Business Card page
  • Minor UI tweaks to the Share page

Along with giving you the modern tools you need to network more successfully, Mobilo is also here to make sure you have the best experience possible when using these tools. Networking (and communication in general) can seem frustrating at times. When you partner with Mobilo, you’ll quickly see why we are the best smart business card solution for teams. 


In our recent app update, along with minor updates and improvements throughout our platform, we implemented three new features for our users:

  • Automated Lead Enrichment, which automatically enriches contact information, enabling you to build your network and close deals faster
  • Business Card Widget, which lets your phone perform the same functionality as your Mobilo card, and serves as a troubleshooting backup
  • Team Leaderboard, which displays each team member’s number of card taps in the past week or month, enabling you to assess team member performance

You wouldn’t send a paper letter to a new contact—so don’t give them a paper business card, either. Order your Mobilo card for as little as $7 to start experiencing the future of networking today.