Our Launch Story
February 21, 2020
by Pieter

Our Launch Story

How often have you exchanged business cards only to lose them the next day?

And did you know that 27 million business cards are printed in the US alone, per day! It will not surprise you that 88 percent ends up in the trash can within a week.

This needs to be solved.
The last time I came back from a tradeshow, I brought back a stack of 90 business cards. And then the fun starts. Because business cards are paper and I want them in my CRM. Obviously, I was not looking forward to the next day.

Mobilo Card solves all of the above problems and eliminates everything that is wrong with today’s business card. With a premium finish and a sleek design, it makes a great first impression. Also, this brings back the business card as a conversation starter. With the magic of tapping your card on a phone and seeing the information popping up on the screen, it is easy to use and 100% digital.

With the Apple iPhone opening up Near Field Communications (NFC) from their XR model, possibilities have become infinite. Meanwhile, Android has been more open about using the protocol with smartphones. Many big brands have turned on NFC straight out-of-the-box.

Therefore the timing is perfect to upgrade your business card.

So how does this work? The card has a built-in chip and simply needs to be tapped on a phone. Automatically a link opens up with the contact details (name, phone number, email and company) on-screen. The other party saves the digital business card. And, you have officially earned your spot and are sure to be found whenever your contact is needed. What if you are changing your title? As soon as the information is edited, it is reflected on the card immediately.

The Mobilo Card is pretty versatile. If you are an artist or influencer, you can program it to show your ‘social profile hub,’ a web page featuring links to your social media profiles like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

A very popular function is the lead generation tool. This turns the tables and presents a short form to fill out with a name, phone number, email address and company. After saving the other person’s contact details, he or she gets a text with your digital business card. This way you walk away with digital contact information, from the other party. Ready to be downloaded and imported in your CRM or any other marketing automation tool.

And finally, there is an option to link it to any URL or website. Whether you are showcasing a new product, a demo link or presentation, tap and your work is up on the screen. It’s effective especially if you want people to sign up or download something immediately.

On the compatibility front, it comes armed with a QR code. So for those using older Apple phones, just switch on the camera, scan the code and the link appears on the screen with your contact details. Some Android phones might need a QR reader app.

By switching to Mobilo Card you also do your bit for the environment by saving 15 billion trees from getting cut each year (according to the journal Nature). The card is made of plastic (PVC) and up to eight times recyclable.

The Mobilo Card is a tool which ups the networking game, whether it’s that first impression or ease of use. The chances of you closing that deal are significantly higher and so is the ROI if you take into account the average company spends $194 per employee per year on business cards. You can get a Mobilo Branded card for $7 and a custom card printed with your logo for $39. Custom and Mobilo branded cards, ship within 48 hours.