Mobilo: The #1 Networking Tool for Sales Professionals
October 29, 2021

Mobilo: The #1 Networking Tool for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals know the deal—at the end of the day, numbers matter. As long as you’re not cutting corners, any tool that allows you to increase your sales numbers is something seriously worth paying attention to.

Mobilo is a tool that enhances the networking efforts of sales professionals and therefore increases sales numbers. Sales professionals should consider upgrading from their archaic traditional paper business cards to a Mobilo smart business card for the reasons described below.

An Upgraded Business Card Experience

Giving paper business cards to prospects is a clunky process. Sure, your design might be cutting-edge, and it may have all of the information needed to get in touch with you. But what really happens after you give someone your business card?

  • They throw it out (88% of business cards are thrown out in the first week)
  • They lose it (we’ve all been there)
  • They put it into their wallet, then forget about it forever
  • They leave it somewhere random, then forget about it forever

The stark reality is that in 2021, paper assets generally don’t make the cut. People simply aren’t carrying around business card holders anymore. Some aren’t even carrying around traditional wallets.

But one thing is for sure—they’re carrying around their phones everywhere they go, guaranteed.

Mobilo allows you to automatically create a contact entry in a prospect’s phone by simply tapping your card against the prospect’s phone. It takes a split second—and your information is saved forever. In the backend, you have the option to customize every contact field, ensuring your information is always up-to-date and accurate.

The Digital Business Card mode is just one of four modes included with every Mobilo smart business card. For sales professionals, even more value is often found in the Lead Generation mode, described below.

More Effective In-Person Lead Generation

The inherent issue with one-way information exchanges is that you rely on the prospect to get in touch with you. In sales, that’s not a winning strategy for success. You need to be proactive in your followup to ensure that you close the deal. If you’re not, the prospect may lose interest—or another sales professional may swoop in.

Mobilo helps you create two-way information exchanges nearly instantly, even if the prospect doesn’t have a business card of their own. Just set your Mobilo card to Lead Generation mode and tap your card against a prospect’s phone. Here’s what happens:

  • A lead generation form appears on the prospect’s phone. (You can customize the form fields in the backend.)
  • The prospect fills out their information.
  • A text is sent to you with the prospect’s information. You can click a link to automatically create a contact field entry in your phone with all of their information. The prospect’s data is also automatically piped into the backend.
  • A text is sent to the prospect with your information (which you can modify in the backend). The prospect can click a link in the text to automatically create a contact field entry in their phone with all of your information.
business discussion

Not only does the prospect get your information, but you also get theirs. Performing followup is simple and easy, and since the prospect already has your name in their phone, the chances of the prospect replying to your followup efforts increase dramatically.

As you can see, Mobilo is already a big step up from traditional paper business cards. In one-way information exchanges, giving out your information with Mobilo is significantly more efficient. And Mobilo allows you to create two-way information exchanges in a way that traditional paper business cards simply don’t allow for.

However, we’re not done yet. For individual sales professionals and teams, another important feature Mobilo can be found in the backend, where automation takes place without any manual input from you.

CRM Integration to Tie Everything Together

Most sales professionals make use of a CRM or automation platform to streamline followup and reduce the need for manual labor. Your CRM usage may be comprehensive or simplistic, but chances are you use one in some way or another. (Common examples of CRM and automation platforms are SalesForce and MailChimp.)

Mobilo allows you to integrate your networking efforts directly into your CRM tool of choice. After integration, data is automatically added into any preset followup sequences that you have created. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

  1. The prospect fills out a Lead Generation form
  2. The prospect receives a “Thank You” text message
  3. A couple hours later, the prospect receives an invitation to schedule a meeting with you via Calendly
  4. If the prospect schedules a meeting, the followup sequence ends
  5. If the prospect does not schedule a meeting, two more followups are sent asking the prospect to book a meeting
  6. If the prospect still does not reply, the prospect is put into a separate followup sequence for colder leads

All of this happens without any manual input from you—aside from using your natural salesperson charm to get the prospect to give you their information in the first place.

As you can see, the possibilities with Mobilo for sales professionals are nearly endless. Two other modes not talked about in this article are also included—Social Profile Hub, which may be of use to certain niche salespeople, and Link to Any URL, which can be helpful to show prospects product information, demos and more.

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