Introducing the Next Gen QR codes for an absolute branding experience
May 17, 2022

Introducing the Next Gen QR codes for an absolute branding experience

Mobilo’s smart business card NFC technology lets you tap your card against any smartphone to initiate one of four unique modes of information transfer.

Even on devices that are not NFC enabled, QR codes allow you to access the same robust functionality of Mobilo.

We are happy to announce that you can now customize your Mobilo card’s QR code to fit your unique brand styling—in addition to also customizing the rest of your smart business card with the help of our Custom Card Designer.

4 ways to customize your QR code

Add your logo

Personalize your QR code by adding a logo to the center as an opaque image, or use it as a background.

More people recognize a brand by its logo than any other visual asset.

Make it round or square

Choose between the classic square or a more modern round design.

Can’t decide? Learn about the psychology of shapes to make your QR code fit your desired brand perception.


Use your brand’s colors in your QR code to complement the overall aesthetic of your card.

A recent study found that effective use of color increases brand recognition by up to 80%

Inverted QR Color

Instead of choosing a color for your QR code dots and using a white background, using Inverted QR Color lets you choose a color for your background and make the dots white.

Depending on the rest of your card’s design, an inverted color scheme on your QR code may make the overall graphics of your card more seamless and visually appealing.

A Complete Personalised Branding Experience

With the introduction of QR code customization, your Mobilo card is now a full extension of your brand’s identity, enabling you to build even stronger relationships within your organization and when courting new customers and clients.

But it doesn’t stop there. Mobilo’s leading backend networking features allow you to achieve branding consistency throughout every step of the networking process, stabilizing your brand perception in the minds of everyone and showcasing a degree of professionalism not seen by competitors in your industry.

When you have the Lead Generation mode enabled, you can tap your Mobilo card against any smartphone and a branded lead generation form will pop up on that smartphone. Once the prospect fills in their information, you have the ability to pipe that information straight from Mobilo into your preferred CRM of choice, then perform automated and manual followup with branded content and visual assets. We support 3,000+ integrations.

From the moment you introduce yourself, Mobilo helps you create a positive branding experience for yourself and your company, which makes its mark in the form of improved networking results in terms of conversions and other KPIs.

Is QR Code Customization Available for All Mobilo Users?

Currently, QR code customization is available for teams only, and only on plastic cards.

All non-team users still have access to Mobilo’s Custom Card Designer, which allows you to customize every element of your card other than the QR code.

We hope to make QR code customization available to all users and on all card materials at some point in the future.

When to Use Your Mobilo QR Code

On older devices that do not have NFC functionality, QR codes provide identical networking capabilities, allowing you to use your Mobilo card to network with everyone and anyone, regardless of their device.

QR codes are also helpful in remote networking situations. For example, imagine you’re on a call with new team members. Instead of using the chat box to give everyone your contact information—and risk it disappearing at the end of the meeting before they have a chance to write it down—you can just hold up your Mobilo QR code.

When everyone else in the meeting scans your QR code, your contact details will automatically populate into a new contact entry in their phones, assuming you have your card set to Digital Business Card mode.

It’s fast and easy—and you make sure everyone can save your information without any effort on their part.

Have a question about customizing the QR code on your Mobilo smart business card? Contact us to learn more about the feature or get help designing your custom card today.