How Mobilo Helps You Ace Your Upcoming Networking Event
August 16, 2022

How Mobilo Helps You Ace Your Upcoming Networking Event

Networking events you care about aren’t always a frequent occurrence. Due to time constraints, you may be able to attend only a few each year, or you may be limited due to a lack of events in your industry in general.

Which means that when you do go to a networking event, you need to make it count. How can you get the absolute best results from your time investment?

Although the answer to that question is not always completely cut and dry, it undoubtedly helps to have an ace in the hole that can count on to always give you an edge. 

Mobilo’s smart business card technology can be leveraged to get better results at any network event, regardless of the industry you’re in—here are five reasons why.

#1 Never run out of cards

The small things matter.

If you’re at an event, you don’t have a lot of storage. Men are likely constricted to what they can carry in their pockets.

Bring too few paper business cards and you risk running out of cards, which severely hinders your ability to easily connect with other individuals you meet.

But bring too many and you have an unsightly square bulging out of your pocket, making you feel uncomfortable and perhaps making others give you a quizzical look. 

Mobilo removes the need to carry multiple business cards around. Your one Mobilo card is as thin as any credit card and allows you to connect with an unlimited number of individuals. 

You’re light as a feather, but you still have everything you need.

#2 Give more detailed information

In terms of format, business cards generally need to be neat and formal, which means you usually have room for only a few fields of information. In certain industries, it may be advantageous to give more information than just the basics.

Of course, you can always take out a pen, find a surface to write on, and try to scribble extra information onto the tiny paper rectangle—or, you can skip the hassle and awkwardness, and just use Mobilo. 

Mobilo allows you to configure custom information fields in the backend. When you tap your Mobilo card against any smart device, your highly detailed information automatically populates into a new contact entry on the other individual’s phone. All they need to do is tap “Save”.

No pens, no surfaces to write on, and no scribbling—just a clearly superior method of information transfer at your fingertips.

#3 Pipe data directly into any CRM

Once you get contact information from another individual, you need to make that data count.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is through a customer relations management (CRM) tool. When you have a proper funnel established, all you need to do is input the new lead information into the funnel, rather than writing out new correspondence for every different person.

In the past, you would have to sit down with the stack of business cards you acquired at the event, then painstakingly input them into your CRM one by one. Although it’s not the most difficult task in the world, it does steal valuable time from you that could be used more productively.

Mobilo solves the problem of manual input by automatically piping new lead information into your CRM tool of choice. 

We support 2,000+ integrations, so no matter which platform you use, you’ll be able to use Mobilo alongside it to get the job done faster.

#4 Perform unrivaled automatic followup

Following up with new connections as soon as you get their contact information usually isn’t possible. You’re still at the event—not at your office.

This means you sometimes have to wait days before you follow up. Overall, the more time that passes, the more of a chance the other individual will forget about who you are, or simply lose interest in connecting further.

When you make a connection with Mobilo, you pipe data into your CRM automatically, which means followup begins automatically, too. This feature can lead to significantly better networking results. For example, you may choose to send an immediate followup message after you exchange information with another individual, then wait until the end of the event, when the other individual isn’t as busy, to send the next, more detailed message in the sequence. 

With this approach, you don’t hassle the other individual before they’re ready to connect further, but you do help prevent them from forgetting about you in general.

No matter how you convert prospects into more meaningful relationships, Mobilo’s cutting edge networking technology can help you do it faster and more effectively than you would with outdated paper business cards. 

#5 Make a memorable first impression

At the end of any networking event, individuals may have dozens of new business cards coming home with them.

How do you ensure that YOU are the one who gets noticed?

A new font or type of paper won’t cut it. Everything starts with your first impression. Even if you’re the most charismatic individual in the world, it helps to have a concrete “networking event trick” that will surprise people and get them talking.

Mobilo is the network asset that will set you apart from the crowd—just by performing its function of information transfer!

It’s like you’re sending an email, when everyone else is still stuck using snail mail letters. People will remember, they’ll be impressed, and you can even piggyback off of that conversation to talk about all of the other ways you do things better in your respective industry.

Although there’s nothing wrong with carrying a few paper business cards for those who prefer a more traditional method of information transfer, it’s helpful, and memorable, to be using state-of-the-art technology like Mobilo in every other instance.


Your charisma and business offerings are the backbone of your networking success, but it always helps to have something in your pocket that is guaranteed to help you stand out from the rest of the faces in the crowd.

Mobilo’s smart business card technology is a networking asset that can help you accomplish exactly that, while also streamlining followup and improving your chances of making meaningful connections after the networking event is over.

Order your Mobilo card for as little as $7 today.