Get to Know: Analytics with Mobilo
June 23, 2021
by Swetha

Get to Know: Analytics with Mobilo

Actionable data is the key to success in any online or offline marketing venture. Mobilo’s backend analytics allow you to intelligently analyze your networking efforts to optimize processes and get better results. This page provides a comprehensive breakdown of Mobilo’s robust backend analytics capabilities.

How to Access Mobilo Analytics

  1. Order your Mobilo smart business card
  2. You will receive an email with login info
  3. Go to the analytics page and log in
  4. Analytics may also be accessed via our iOS and Android apps

Tap Analytics

Every time you tap your Mobilo smart business card, a variety of data points are recorded. These data points may be viewed individually or holistically through the backend dashboard.

These holistic data points are at your fingertips:

  • Total number of card taps.
  • Number of card taps by day/week/month.
  • Mode percentage breakdown (Business Card vs. Social Profile vs. Lead Generation vs. Link to Any URL). Learn more about each mode on our homepage.

Individual taps also contain time/location details for each tap. No more forgetting where or when you met a prospect—everything is automatically recorded and easily accessible through the backend dashboard.

Link Tracking

Link to Any URL is one of four unique modes included with every Mobilo smart business card. With this mode, you set a URL in the backend dashboard. When you tap your card on a prospect’s smart device, the URL is automatically opened. Link to Any URL can be used to share website signup forms, business documents, group presentations, and more.

In the backend analytics dashboard, you can easily see which URLs you have linked to and how much traffic each link has received.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is another unique mode included with every Mobilo smart business card. In the backend dashboard, you can create a form with custom data fields. When you tap your card on a prospect’s smart device, the lead generation form is automatically opened. Once the prospect fills out and submits the form, you receive a hyperlink that, when clicked, automatically populates the prospect’s information into a contact entry on your phone. In return, the prospect also receives a hyperlink—when he clicks his hyperlink, your information (which you can customize in the backend panel) is automatically populated into a contact entry on his phone.

In the backend analytics dashboard, you can view all fields of any lead generation entry. Additionally, you may export all of your lead generation data to be used in conjunction with a CRM or automation tool.

Going Further with Mobilo Analytics

Mobilo analytics data may be piped into CRM and automation tools to achieve custom analytics objectives and power subsequent marketing initiatives.

Example #1

Imagine you are sharing a website URL to hundreds of prospects per month and you would like to further analyze how the website traffic is performing beyond broad traffic numbers. Simply sign up to a heatmap tracking platform such as Hotjar and install Hotjar on a custom URL. When you link to that custom URL via Mobilo, you’ll be able to see broad traffic numbers and specific heatmap data regarding where the prospect is looking and what he is clicking on.

Example #2

Imagine you attend a networking conference in NYC and wish to follow up with all of the connections you made while you were there. Simply export data from the relevant time period and add it into a CRM or automation tool in order to perform intelligent followup. Additionally, you may simply export all data, then filter by the location of the conference, in order to achieve the same goals.

Example #3

On a broader note, Mobilo’s backend analytics allows you to access brand new marketing tactics that are simply not possible with traditional business cards. Imagine you want to perform an online marketing campaign to your networking prospects, but have only traditional business cards to work with—what do you do? Spending hours manually inputting the information into a CRM or automation tool is simply not a good use of time, and even if you do decide to make the time investment, you’re still limited in your data capabilities—for example, keeping track of when you received each business card is nearly impossible. Mobilo speeds up the process of managing prospect information and allows for additional optimization by automatically recording all relevant prospect information in the backend. Mobilo supports more than 2,000 CRM and automation platforms.

Overall, Mobilo’s analytics dashboard allows you to track and make use of networking prospect data in a way that has never been possible before. Click here to order your Mobilo smart business card and begin harnessing Mobilo’s backend analytics platform for yourself today.