Elevating Networking on Video Calls with Mobilo
August 3, 2023
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Elevating Networking on Video Calls with Mobilo


In today's digital era, networking has transcended physical boundaries, allowing professionals to connect virtually through video calls. Embracing this paradigm shift, Mobilo, a cutting-edge digital networking platform, offers a seamless solution to enhance networking experiences during video calls. In this blog, we will explore how Mobilo transforms video calls into opportunities for meaningful connections and productive interactions. From sharing dynamic digital business cards to engaging with interactive multimedia, Mobilo empowers professionals to leave a lasting impression on their video call counterparts. Discover how Mobilo unleashes the potential of video networking, propelling professionals towards success in a digitally connected world.

1. Seamless Contact Sharing in Real-Time

Mobilo leverages Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to enable seamless and real-time contact sharing during video calls. With a simple tap of their smartphones, participants can exchange digital business cards, complete with relevant contact information and personalized branding. 

2. Enhancing Virtual Business Meetings 

During video calls, participants can quickly access additional information about one another through Mobilo's digital business cards. By holding up their Mobilo card and showing QR code on cam. These QR codes are integrated with links to websites, social media profiles, or online portfolios, professionals can offer a comprehensive overview of their expertise and accomplishments, fostering curiosity and interest among their connections.

3. Elevated Networking Experience

In virtual business meetings, Mobilo ensures that participants can effortlessly exchange contact information, streamlining post-meeting follow-ups and collaboration. By utilizing digital business cards with NFC-enabled technology, networking becomes a natural extension of video conferencing, promoting productivity and meaningful relationships.

4. Customization for Personalized Branding

Mobilo empowers professionals to customize their digital business cards, aligning them with their brand's visual identity. From adding logos and brand colors to incorporating engaging multimedia elements, users can create personalized digital cards that leave a lasting impression. This level of customization ensures that recipients remember the encounter long after the video call concludes.

5. Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Mobilo takes video networking to new heights by enabling users to embed interactive multimedia content into their digital business cards. From showcasing product demos and project portfolios to sharing promotional videos or presentations, these multimedia elements captivate audiences and facilitate deeper engagement during video calls.


Mobilo's seamless integration with video calls revolutionizes networking in the digital age. By leveraging NFC technology, customization options, and interactive multimedia features, Mobilo empowers professionals to make the most of virtual interactions. With the convenience of real-time contact sharing, personalized branding, and easy access to additional information, Mobilo ensures that video networking transcends traditional limitations. Whether in virtual business meetings, online conferences, or one-on-one video calls, Mobilo transforms video interactions into valuable networking opportunities. Embrace Mobilo's digital networking solution to leave a lasting impression, build meaningful connections, and succeed in the interconnected world of virtual networking. With Mobilo, the possibilities are limitless, and networking on video calls becomes an enjoyable and impactful experience for professionals worldwide.