Mobilo + Zapier + ChatGPT = ❤️
May 11, 2023

Mobilo + Zapier + ChatGPT = ❤️

Revolutionize Your Sales and Marketing Efforts with our ChatGPT integration

As much as we love automation and efficiency, digital transformation is often a non-linear process. We’ve all experienced events where lead-generation efforts surpass marketing targets, but won’t contribute to the forecasted top-line revenue goals.

Data drop-off, messy or untimely follow-ups, time constraints, focus on the wrong KPIs (vanity metrics vs. actionable metrics), lack of personalization - there are tons of reasons as to why a promising opportunity might not convert into a high-value deal.

Now imagine this: 

You meet a prospect, and you tap your Mobilo card to seamlessly exchange contact details. By integrating ChatGPT with Mobilo, you can automate and personalize your full lead generation and follow-up. From capturing, enrichment, scoring, and routing - ultimately leading to increased revenue and better ROI. Sales and marketing teams are constantly looking for ways to measure efforts and improve numbers.

Mobilo loves to help you with this. That’s we created the perfect out-of-the-box template to stay ahead of the competition!

Mobilo + ChatGPT integration
Seamlessly integrate your tech stack

The Mobilo + ChatGPT Lead Generation Workflow

There are many creative ways to leverage the power of our Mobilo + ChatGPT integration. In this blog post we focus on prospect use cases, combining Personalized Outreach, Lead Qualification, and Sales Process Automation.

STEP 1: Automated Lead Follow-up at Scale

IF: “New Contact” is stored in phone
”Schedule personalized follow-up based on existing message template”

Personalize message

Your first interaction with your prospect matters and with Mobilo + ChatGPT you can now automate and personalize messages like never before. After you tap your card to exchange contact details, we can send out a personalized message with 0 effort.

PROMPT: "Can you check this contact's LinkedIn profile to see if they have recently updated their job title or description, or added any accomplishments? Based on that, can you reference their recent achievements or responsibilities in your message?"

Mention recent developments

Before crafting a message, it's important to understand your contact’s interests and pain points. You can prompt ChatGPT to identify the contact’s needs, preferences, and challenges to include in your message copy.

PROMPT: "Can you check the company's website and LinkedIn page to see if they have recently published any articles or posts about their challenges or goals? Based on that, can you ask the customer what their main pain points are and what they hope to achieve?"

Tailor the tone of voice

In some cases, it might be necessary to tailor the tone of voice in your follow-up. You can prompt ChatGPT to adjust the tone of voice based on your prospect’s previous interactions with your company, or other available information about them.

PROMPT: "Can you adjust the tone of voice to match their communication style and preferences, by looking at their previous interactions and LinkedIn profile? Make sure to use friendly and engaging language."

Reference previous interactions

You can prompt ChatGPT to reference historical interactions, to create a more personalized message. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to reference a previous conversation or purchase to establish a connection with the customer.

PROMPT: "Can you reference the customer's previous interactions with us and ask if they have any feedback or if there's anything else we can help them with?"

Use persuasive language

Prompt ChatGPT to use persuasive language to create a more compelling message. This might include asking ChatGPT to use specific company achievements and use these as a basis to include some persuasive statements.

PROMPT: "Can you check the company website to see if they have recently won any awards or received any recognition for their achievements? Based on that, can you include some persuasive statements to highlight the benefits of our product/service in line with their achievements, main challenges, and pain points?”

Address objections

Be ahead of possible objections by prompting ChatGPT to address these in your message. By acknowledging their concerns upfront and providing thoughtful responses you build trust and credibility.

PROMPT: "Can you check their company's website for recently launched products or services? Based on that, can you anticipate any objections that the customer might have about our product/service and address them in the message?"

Zapier Mobilo ChatGPT Integration
Endless possibilities for creative minds. Other ideas? Let us know!

STEP 2: Automated Lead Qualification at Scale

IF: “New Conversation is Started”
THEN: “Ask Qualification Questions”

Prospects rarely want to talk to you straight away, but they do expect a service, product, demo, or offer to be personalized and tailored for them. To overcome the hassle of having to go back-and-forth to schedule a phone intro, simply ask ChaptGPT to do some pre-qualifying to connect them to the right workflow, or person or on your team.

PROMPT: "Can you ask the prospect about their budget for our product/service?"

PROMPT: "Please inquire about the prospect's timeline for making a purchase decision."

PROMPT: "Could you remind the prospect about their current pain points and how they believe our product/service can solve them?"

PROMPT: "Please ask the prospect about their decision-making process and who else is involved in the purchasing decision."

PROMPT: "Can you ask the prospect about their past experience with similar products/services and what they liked or disliked about them?"

STEP 3: ChatGPT-powered Sales Process Automation

IF: All questions are answered
“Update CRM”

It's important to set up the workflow correctly to ensure the data is stored in the correct fields in your CRM, and that the correct Zapier connection is being used. Set up rules in Zapier to parse and store the data correctly, and to trigger other actions based on the data that is being collected. Set up rules to trigger follow-up emails, based on the prospect's response to specific qualification questions, or assign leads to a specific salesperson based on their given answers.

PROMPT: "After asking the qualification questions, can you use the data to update the prospect's profile in our CRM via the Zapier connection?"

PROMPT: "Please parse the prospect's response to [question x] and store it in the appropriate field in our CRM through the Zapier connection."

Automate follow-up

IF: “Tier = X”
“Follow Lead Routing X”

There are multiple rule-based sales actions we can preconfigure, to save time whilst following up sales leads. There are many different routes for Sales Executives when using ChatGPT + Zapier integration for sales process automation. Here are a few obvious examples:

"Can you send a follow-up email to the prospect after the initial conversation, thanking them for their time and providing them with more information about our product/service?"

Schedule meetings automatically

PROMPT: "Please suggest a follow-up call with the prospect for [my best availability], and add it to our team calendar via the Zapier connection."

Route and distribute leads automatically

PROMPT: "Can you automatically assign the lead to the right salesperson based on the data we've collected, using the Zapier connection?"

Automate project escalation

PROMPT: "Please create a new task in our project management system for the salesperson to follow up with the prospect, and assign it to them via the Zapier connection."

Automate quote creation

PROMPT: "Can you automatically send the right quote to the prospect based on the lead info we've collected, using the Zapier connection?"

Automate pipeline management

PROMPT: "Please convert this prospect into an opportunity account, with the correct type, stage, and details based on the information we've collected, using the Zapier connection? Please also log our last action with this prospect and schedule a check-in a week from now"

Mobilo + ChatGPT Use Cases for Marketing

Lead Generation at Scale

With Mobilo digital business cards, you can easily capture leads at networking events and conferences, eliminating the need for paper business cards. By integrating ChatGPT, you can send personalized follow-up messages to these leads, increasing the chances of conversion.

Automated Lead Info Capturing

With the Zapier integration, you can automatically capture lead information from Mobilo and store it in your CRM, saving your team time and effort. And making 

Improved Lead Routing

With Mobilo's lead capture and Zapier's automation, leads can be automatically routed to the appropriate sales rep, ensuring efficient and effective lead management.

Unified Outreach Approach

ChatGPT can help ensure a consistent branding and messaging approach across all outreach channels, including email, social media, and SMS.

Mobilo + ChatGPT Use Cases for Sales

Lead Enrichment at Scale

With Mobilo's digital business cards, you can easily capture more lead information than you could with traditional paper business cards. This additional information can help your team better personalize outreach efforts and close more deals.

Automated Lead Qualification

By integrating ChatGPT with your lead qualification process, you can automatically qualify leads based on their responses to ChatGPT-generated questions, saving your team time and hassle.

Automated Data Parsing for CRM

With the Zapier integration, you can quickly parse data from ChatGPT conversations and send it directly to your CRM, ensuring accurate and up-to-date lead information.

Shortened Time-to-Close

By automating parts of the sales process with ChatGPT and Mobilo, you can accelerate your sales pipeline and close deals faster.

Organizational Benefits Mobilo + ChatGPT

Increase in Sales Velocity:

By streamlining the sales process with ChatGPT and Mobilo, your team can close deals faster and ultimately increase sales velocity.

Improved Marketing Budget Allocation:

By accurately measuring event ROI with Mobilo's digital business cards, you can better allocate your marketing budget to high-performing channels and events.

Accurate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Measurement:

With Mobilo's digital business cards and ChatGPT's automation, you can capture and analyze data at scale, leading to more accurate insights on customer lifetime value (CLV).


With a Mobilo + Zapier + ChatGPT integration you set your sales and marketing teams up with unparalleled personalization and automation. Streamline sales processes and close deals faster by automating lead capture, qualification, data parsing, and outreach.

Additionally, Mobilo's digital business cards offer a wealth of organizational benefits, from improved lead routing to accurate event ROI measurement. Ultimately, this integration helps your teams stay ahead of the competition, and drive better ROI.