Are Digital Business Cards Worth It? Understanding the Benefits
October 12, 2023
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Are Digital Business Cards Worth It? Understanding the Benefits

While many people have heard of digital business cards, they aren’t clear on their true significance. Some may even be skeptical of the concept of digital business cards because they’re accustomed to using paper ones and that age-old concept that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

There is often a lot of hesitation when it comes to adopting a new technology, but that doesn’t mean that new technology isn’t worth the investment. Digital business cards are no different from other digital innovations like social media, business networking apps, or communication platforms. In fact, digital business cards are an extension of those tools, designed to work with your smartphone yet small enough to keep in your wallet. Additionally, they’re environmentally friendly and bound to leave a lasting first impression on those you network with.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be delving into the true value of digital business cards. Let’s get started!

What Are the Advantages of Digital Business Cards? 

Digital business cards offer many benefits, including ease of use, decreased environmental cost, and unique effectiveness when compared to traditional business cards. 

A digital business card allows for more than just the bare-bones contact information of your average business card, as they can include information about your business, why contacts should work with you, portfolio information, and a customizable leads generation page.

In addition, the innovative nature of digital business cards leaves a great first impression (notably, on younger business owners), especially in technological fields and internet-powered industries. There is also no need to worry about the effectiveness of digital business cards, considering they're as effective as physical cards, just harder to lose (i.e. you’ll no longer have to worry about your business card ending up at the bottom of someone’s purse or briefcase). In the end, they’re more likely to encourage actual future contact than a traditional business card.

With the option to make your own custom digital business cards, you still get all the standard features of a traditional business card with the added benefits already mentioned. 

Are Digital Business Cards Cost-Effective? 

Yes, absolutely! Although digital business cards require an upfront investment, physical business cards are no different. Digital business cards, however, are easier to update and maintain, allowing you to get more from your investment than you would from a traditional business card. 

With digital business cards gaining popularity, their relevance to your business is only increasing. Why risk your business getting left behind while your competitors make the switch? It’s a matter of keeping up with the times and, ultimately, doing what’s best for your company.

Mobilo offers several different packages and add-ons, to help you choose the pricing and plan that’s right for you. Check out their Personal Package and Teams Plan to find the card that fits your business.

What Impact Can Digital Business Cards Have On My Business? 

Using digital business cards (particularly with the inherent customization options) can enhance your business’s reputation and effectiveness, helping you stand out from the competition. It’s also a good way to provide more information about your business to potential customers and clients, encouraging them to work with you. 

It’s also possible to save money on digital business cards, simultaneously reducing the per-employee cost of having business cards on hand and improving your carbon footprint. Saving money on paper waste (and saving a few trees while you’re at it) is an added plus!

With trust in businesses at an all-time low, building your brand is more imperative than ever before. Digital business cards can be a transformative tool that helps you overcome that trust barrier to win potential customers and business affiliates. 

Aside from the networking and cost-saving benefits, Mobilo offers access to an analytics dashboard as well as a CRM that integrates with your existing platforms. Digital business cards allow you to gain insight to your leads like never before. With these tools literally at your fingertips, you can get a leg up on the competition and connect with prospects smarter and faster.

Ready to revolutionize your networking with digital business cards? Try Mobilo Card today!