Anytime, Everywhere: A Quantum Leap in Business Networking Has (Quietly) Arrived
November 29, 2021
by Swetha

Anytime, Everywhere: A Quantum Leap in Business Networking Has (Quietly) Arrived

Quantum leaps in technological advancement are sometimes popular events—like when the very first iPhone is revealed. Other times, they’re more subtle—like when the smart business card disrupted the old ways of networking. 

This page details the many ways in which the world of networking has been transformed by smart business technology and explains how you can use the latest technology to power your business.

No longer limited to in-person encounters

Traditional paper business cards serve one specific function: “sending” your information to an in-person prospect via a slip of paper. On the other hand, smart business cards can be programmed in a variety of ways to become valuable in a wide variety of situations.

In particular, Mobilo smart business cards contain four unique modes:

  1. Digital Business Card. Tap your card against any smartphone and a contact entry will be created in the smartphone with all of your information.
  2. Lead Generation. Tap your card against any smartphone and a lead generation form will appear. Once submitted, the prospect’s information will be texted to you and vice versa.
  3. Social Profile Hub. Tap your card against any smartphone and a list of your social media profiles will appear.
  4. Link to Any URL. Tap your card against any smartphone and the prospect will be sent to a specific URL of your choosing.

So, smart business cards still allow you to send your information to an in-person prospect—but now, because business cards are programmable, you have an almost unlimited number of ways in which they can be used. 

Even better, thanks to universal NFC technology, smart business cards like Mobilo work with all modern smartphones with no app required.

CRM Integration to Merge Online and Offline

Some things are best done by hand—but when it comes to data entry, automatic is always best. Smart business cards like Mobilo can automatically pipe your networking data straight into your CRM or automation tool, which is a major time saver, especially in large organizations where many new connections are being made on a monthly basis.

But the broader implications of CRM integration are even more noteworthy. Many businesspeople in 2021 are focused on online marketing in one form or another. In fact, a good portion of your marketing efforts may go towards optimizing and refining your online marketing campaigns and funnels.

Now, you can take a successful online marketing campaign and simply push your offline prospects into it. The step-by-step process is identical. In an online campaign, you might pay for a pay-per-click ad and send prospects to a lead generation form. With Mobilo’s Lead Generation mode, you can do exactly the same thing with a simple tap of your card. 

Harmonizing your online and offline marketing endeavours has never been so effective and convenient.

Breaking free of established business card limitations

Traditional paper business cards aren’t really business cards—they’re “contact information cards”. Smart business cards are true business cards—they allow you to perform business functions in a variety of settings.

For example, you can hold up your card in a Zoom meeting to share documents, presentations, and more. Meeting attendees can take a picture of your card to save the information locally. This type of information transfer ensures all meeting attendees can easily access and retain information, even once the meeting ends and URLs disappear.

Even outside of the business world, Mobilo cards can even be used in any number of settings. For example, influencers and other pop culture figures can grow their follower bases by tapping their Mobilo cards to share their social profiles via Social Profile Hub (instead of spelling out their handles).

Here at Mobilo, we’re taking things one step further and removing the need for a business card in general. Our two optional offerings—key FOBs and phone buttons—allow you to take the power of Mobilo anywhere, even when you don’t have your wallet on you. They both function identically to a Mobilo card, just without the formality of a “business card” that may not be perfect for every potential encounter. 


The future of networking has quietly arrived. Smart business cards are a significant upgrade from traditional paper business cards and allow you to completely transform the way you do business networking. Give it a try: order your Mobilo smart business card to gain an edge over your competitors today.