6 Ways of Using Your Smart Business Card
January 18, 2021
by Swetha

6 Ways of Using Your Smart Business Card

Move over paper business cards, Smart business cards are here and these are here to stay. It has been an amazing journey from paper to smart business cards. I still remember receiving my first stack of business cards at my first job. I couldn’t wait to start exchanging them at my next professional encounter. Having your own business card was one of the most important milestones that marked adulthood for everyone. There is always something magical about exchanging business cards.  And in the changing times, this culture too has been updated with professionals choosing to switch to a digital and a more efficient way of contact sharing, a smart business card.
The best thing about a smart business card is that it does so much more than just share your contact information. It’s the perfect networking tool armored with features every networker needs. And here are 6 of the most effective uses for your Mobilo smart business card.

1. Contactless Contact sharing.
The fundamental use of a smart business is to eliminate the need for physical exchange of business cards. All you need to do is tap your card on the prospect’s phone and there, your details are sent to be saved by them. Needless to say, this is one of the most important features keeping in mind the social distancing norms of the current networking world. Plus, you don’t have to worry about running out of your business cards at the next business event, in fact, you need to carry only one.

2. Lead Generation.
Your smart business card makes it possible for you to gather information by simply tapping your card on the prospect’s phone. You can also link it with your CRM tool to directly send your leads to your CRM and ensure a faster follow up. Send a follow up straight from your favorite CRM, email, or marketing tool the same day. A savior use for your next networking event, you won’t be typing in information all day.

3. Share your portfolio.
This one is an essential feature for influencers or any social media professional. You can share your entire social media presence in a single tap. Freelancers can benefit from this use and remove the need of sharing individual platforms for work references. It’s an easy way to establish one’s brand while still networking successfully.

4. Pitch your Business.
Using the link-sharing feature of your Mobilo card you can link your website to your tap. So the next time you want to make a good impression while presenting your business demo, just tap your card and pitch your business. You never know when you will be presented with an opportunity for an elevator pitch, you can always be ready with this feature of Mobilo Smart Business Card.

5. Elevate your Video Calls.
A smart card should be smart enough to accommodate all your networking needs. Even on video calls. Many professionals are still getting used to the video conferencing world and the likes. You can however do a little extra during your next video meeting to leave your audience in awe. Use your smart business card to share your contact details on a video call. All you have to do is hold up your Mobilo Card, with the QR code facing the camera for your prospect to be able to scan it, and there, your business card is shared with them. You can even get faster approval by sharing your latest work with your team while on a video call. You can upload your document, reports. Etc to your card’s link which your team can scan and view.

6. Track and analyze your performance.
The biggest limitation with a paper business card is that one cannot keep track of where their card actually ends up. But this is where the Mobilo Card wins big time. Mobilo card is enabled with the ability to track your taps and it even goes on to consolidate them for your use. If you’re a sales leader, you won’t miss a single lead of yours or your team’s. The app interface makes it easier for you to get an overview of your leads, resulting in more accurate performance reporting.

While you may or may not use your smart card in all these ways, you’re still doing your bit for the environment by going with a paperless solution. Which not only saves trees but also saves you some money. In fact, you can even calculate how much you can save by switching to mobilo by using the Mobilo Calculator. Happy Networking!