5 Reasons Why Mobilo is the Perfect Gift to Give for the 2022 Holiday Season
November 24, 2022

5 Reasons Why Mobilo is the Perfect Gift to Give for the 2022 Holiday Season

Most of us love the holiday season, but finding the perfect gifts for everyone in our lives isn’t always an easy task.

Luckily, Mobilo is here to help you get your shopping done. Give the gift of a cutting-edge Mobilo smart business card—a tech product that they’ll love receiving, and use every day.

Here are five reasons why a Mobilo smart business card is the right choice for anyone in your life who’s still using paper business cards.

#1 Mobilo is a hidden gem for techy friends, family, and employees

If you know someone who likes state-of-the-art tech products, you’re in a bit of a pickle. You want to get them something that fits their interests, but in many cases, they already have the latest and greatest in tech.

One of the few exceptions to this rule is smart business cards. Many individuals who have all of the latest tech products are still using dinosaur-era paper business cards, and often aren’t aware that this quantum leap in networking technology even exists.

This holiday season, you can be the one to bring them up to speed on this special new technology!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap your Mobilo card against the other person’s smartphone.
  2. Your contact details automatically populate into a new contact entry on the other person’s smartphone.
  3. All the other person has to do is tap “Save”, and you’re done!

A Mobilo NFC business card also comes with three other modes of information transfer—Lead Generation, Landing Page, and Link to Any URL—which makes it an all-around marketing asset to help your gift recipient succeed in business.

Using a paper business card is a lot like writing out a check, instead of using a credit card. Or writing a letter by hand and sending it through the mail, instead of sending an email.

While there’s nothing wrong with either of those things, they’re not necessarily the first choice for your techy friends, family, and employees who love state-of-the-art technology.

When you give the gift of Mobilo, not only are you introducing them to a brand new type of technology, but you’re also giving them the power to start using it immediately. 

Imagine their eyes lighting up!

#2 Mobilo is a big tech upgrade they’ll use every day

A couple pairs of warm fuzzy socks will get plenty of use, but that’s not exactly an interesting gift.

On the other hand, novelty items are undoubtedly exciting, but they might not get a lot of long-term use.

Mobilo is one of the few gifts that’s both exciting and useful. As long as the person in your life has and uses paper business cards, they’ll use Mobilo. And with four unique modes of information transfer, the possibilities of what they can do with Mobilo are nearly endless.

#3 Mobilo is an eco-friendly alternative to help them feel good about themselves

For the environmentally conscious among us, the holiday season can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, the joy and delight of giving and receiving gifts is good for the soul. On the other hand, it does hurt a little to see all of the plastic and styrofoam packaging that goes to waste.

Mobilo is one of the few products that’s both eco-friendly and a great gift. Choose from metal and wood card options to reduce your plastic consumption. When you order a Mobilo Wood card, we’ll plant a tree in your name.

Along with the card itself being eco-friendly, the impact of using a Mobilo smart business card can’t be understated, either. Paper business cards are bad for the environment—when you give the gift of Mobilo, whomever you give it to will simply not need to buy paper business cards anymore, helping them reduce their environmental footprint every single day.

#4 Mobilo is completely customizable for an exquisitely personal experience

When it comes to paper business cards, it’s fun—and effective, from a business perspective—to customize your cards with the right fonts, colors, and graphics to fit you and your business.

With Mobilo, you don’t sacrifice that customizability in the name of superior technology. Upload any business card design to any of our card offerings. You can even customize the QR code located on the back, which is used as a backup in rare cases when the other person’s smartphone doesn’t support NFC technology.

#5 Mobilo is easy and hassle-free for you to give as a gift

You look into your crystal ball to try to predict exactly what Mobilo customization options your gift recipient will like best… and the future is not clear. 

Shopping for gifts is hard enough as it is. With Mobilo, you can put the crystal ball away. Simply purchase a gift card for your gift recipient. They can use the gift card to purchase their favorite Mobilo card, and all of the customization and setup will be in their hands, too.

What a relief!

This approach to gift giving also means you don’t have to wait for anything to ship. Last-minute shoppers, rejoice!

With Mobilo, your holiday shopping has never been easier

To give the gift of a cutting-edge, useful, eco-friendly, and completely customizable tech product to friends, family, and employees, head over to this page and purchase a gift card for them now.

If you have any questions on your perfect gift idea, we’re here to help. Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Happy Holidays from Mobilo!