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People Say “Excellent”
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Excellent, Innovative Product
5 Star review score
“My team ordered 35 Mobilo cards to use to replace old school paper business cards. We are all super thrilled with the quality and ease of use. It's really fun to tap and works well for recruitment events and conferences.”
Rebecca Mendez She
Wonderful staff and product
5 Star review score
“Sleek and easy to use. Regardless of an individual's comfort level with technology, their different functions were quite simple to get used to and apply in the business world.”
Joseph Gerpe
Awesome networking tool
5 Star review score
“Awesome networking tool, lead capture and all. Think all things mobile, your clients & customers are. You can even do QR codes for your signature.”
Steve Brown
A pleasure to work with
5 Star review score
“Mobilo has been a pleasure to work with, and so helpful. We ordered one card to test the capability and also see what our design looked like IRL.”
Celia Arthur
Frequently Asked Questions
Do Mobilo cards work with my phone?
If you have a smartphone, the answer is almost certainly yes. All iPhones models XR and later (September 2018) and about 90% of the Android phones have NFC enabled. Additionally, as a backup, all smartphones, both Apple and Android, have a built-in QR code scanner. Simply open up the camera and point it at the QR code located on the back of every Mobilo card. Click here for a complete list of compatible phones:
Can I order multiple Mobilo cards?
Yes. Order as many cards as your heart desires. After you receive your cards, you can invite individuals to sign up while you manage the cards from a simple backend interface. Add your whole team and seamlessly change ownership as team members join and leave your organization.
Can I update the information on my Mobilo card?
Yes. After we ship your card, you will receive an automated email with login instructions. In your account dashboard, you will be able to update your contact information whenever you’d like. Any changes you make are instantly applied to your card in real-time.
What is the difference between a Mobilo card and a Custom card?
The Mobilo card and the Custom card have identical functionality. However, the Mobilo card has Mobilo branding printed on the front and back. The Custom card can be printed with any design or logo.