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Gifting Mobilo

Gifting Mobilo

If you have purchased any of our Mobilo Card products as a gift we understand that you may want the recipient to design and configure their own card. This article will walk you through the steps to get the credit transferred to your colleague, friend, or loved one.

Please make the purchase using your own information via our website Once you receive the invoice and confirmation that payment has been completed please send an email (subject line “Gift”) with the following information:

  • Invoice # (found from the invoice we emailed to you)
  • Email address used to make the purchase 
  • Recipient(s)’s email address(es)

Once our support team receives this information they will transfer the appropriate credits to the recipient's email. Do not worry, the recipient will not be notified so as to not ruin the surprise! Instead, our system will generate a gift coupon link that we will send to you so that you can share it with the recipient whenever you wish.

Transferring the credit to their email address will allow the recipient to register, design, and configure their card on their own. 


IMPORTANT: The coupon link is connected to the email address you send to us on behalf of the giftee. For security, the coupon can only be used by the intended recipient. Therefore, please ensure you send us a valid email address and inform the recipient to use the same email address when registering via the coupon link we send you.


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