Landsea Homes x Mobilo

For Landsea Homes, making the switch to Mobilo from paper business cards was aligned with the brand DNA.

The Benefits of the Partnership

Landsea Homes Corporation (Nasdaq: LSEA) is a publicly traded residential home builder based in Newport Beach, CA. They are a leader and innovation in sustainable residential home building.

Cost Savings

Landsea Home’s former paper business card solution was wasteful, costly and ineffective. By making the switch to Mobilo, the 400+ employee company saved $21k per year.


Landsea Homes is fully committed to healthy living, energy savings, and sustainability in every part of their business. That’s why they were delighted to stop wasting paper business cards.

Standing Out

Landsea Homes loves the convenience of generating and managing leads directly into their smartphones. The power of Mobilo’s analytics and 3000+ integrations takes their performance to the next level. The “wow” factor is real!

Why Landsea Homes Loves Mobilo

Landsea Homes Speaks

We’ve been delighting our customers, all over the world.
We wanted to be ahead of the curve, but not be the first. Joey at Mobilo made the choice easy. And Megan in customer support has been amazing. My boss is in love with her Mobilo card. Once you tap their phone they don't even need to remember your name. Type in the company and you pop up as a contact.
Kelly Abeling
Corporate Marketing Manager at Landsea Homes
We save a ton on printing when working with Mobilo. Now I see all these people trading their boring old business cards. We’re living in a digital age, and people still can’t really believe their eyes when I tap my Mobilo card.
LIsa Emerson
Inside Sales Manager at
Landsea Homes
If you’re traveling around, you don't have to think about business cards that you have to carry all the time. Mobilo is with me everywhere I go.
John Ho
Chief Executive Officer,
Landsea Homes

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